The NPHC Organization I Want To Join Denied Me 🙄 … What Can I Do Now? | Shea Miller

Hey SQUAAAAD! I know some of us have had success stories when it comes to showing interest and joining the organization of our dreams but for some others, this may not be the case. I’ve seen from so may people (and can kind of tell from some of the negative comments in my comments 🍵) that some people face more challenges than others when it comes to joining their preferred organization. The reasons can be as simple as not having the GPA or more difficult, like not passing a background check. That being said, it’s really never a good (or fair) reason to bash the entire organization based off of this denial. Always remember, timing is everything. It just may not be the right time right at that moment.

There are always other options for you in the future. This video just discusses some of the more obvious ones. If you want something, go for it. Always remember that my personal opinions are just that .. my personal opinions. Neither myself nor anyone else can tell YOU what to do with YOUR life.



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12 thoughts on “The NPHC Organization I Want To Join Denied Me 🙄 … What Can I Do Now? | Shea Miller”

  1. I was denied from a technicality on one of my recommendation letters . I was definitely hurt, but I just took it as it wasn’t my time .

  2. What is your opinion on someone being denied from one NPHC organization and going out for another organization? From my experience it seems that those people just want letters for clout

  3. I was denied in undergrad many moons ago. I've fostered relationships with members at the grad level of my interested organization. As for me, I appreciate the denial because when I join at the grad level, I will be committed mentally and financially.

  4. So if you contact an organization and they never contact you back after showing interest of a grad chapter.. should you contact another local chapter? How long should you wait to contact them again?

  5. When I was an undergrad, there was a local multi-cultural fraternity that I was interested in joining during my junior year. Went to all of the rush events and even made it to the interview. My gpa was great and my resume was also great. I received an email stating that I wasn't selected. I asked why and they told me that it was a voting process meaning that I had to receive 100% of the brothers votes and I only received 98%. I tried again the following semester and still wasn't selected.

    The following year, I was elected into a paid student board of directors position and I was working as a research assistant. It was also during that year that I met some brothers from a NPHC organization whom I started hanging out with. That same fraternity who rejected me twice, was now begging me to join their organization which I declined respectfully. Even one of their members applied for a position with my department which he got denied. A year after I graduated, I joined the grad chapter of a NPHC fraternity and I'm a graduate student at the same school for my undergrad.

    Sometimes, God closes one door to bring you to something better.

  6. Hey, this is totally random. I have fostered a relationship with a former chapter president of the organization I'm interested in however she lives in another state. Should I use them If I decide to pursue my interest or stick to a person in my state? I want to be prepared if the opportunity presents itself.

  7. You will be surprised at how petty undergrad chapters can be. I am just glad we still have a chance to pursue through grad chapter

  8. I appreciate and agree with what Soror Shea has identified. Additionally, you should also consider that people are people and we are made up of all kinds from the nicest to the most sour therefore with that in mind know that you are dealing with a broad swath of personalities.

    So having that knowledge, deal with people understanding who they are – attend events and study/analyze them, ask questions – what makes them tick, how are they treating their sorority sisters or fraternity brothers? What is their role in the chapter? – These are the things you look at concerning who you are interested in joining since that chapter may not exemplify your characteristics however the overall sorority or fraternity may exhibit said characteristics on a grander scale.

    Soror Shea and Noble Sigma Corey Jones provide great pointers concerning networking for undergrad and grad so I suggest reviewing some of their videos – I do and I have been in my sorority for over three decades – I am an old head but I love to learn what younger folks are instructing and helping to guide newer people into the NPHC family.

    Finally, take account of yourself. If you are interested and not selected for an undergrad its a bit challenging because its not like you can opt for another chapter so you should do some self reflection (maybe you party too much or date someone that the frat or soror dated – we are human so jealousy and payback can rear its ugly head). Concerning graduate chapters, you have a different mode of opportunities since there are multiples and you can attend a multitude of events for various chapters and network, casting your net on a larger scale. Just note, grad chapters can be made up of a hodgepodge of members (young to past retirement older) so you will not know what you are getting into until you are involved.

    Silver Star Soror

  9. So I went to a new member presentation and one of the girls was one I went to school with, so after that I found one of the girls on ig and I started watching her stories all the time to see if she would post events. Then all of a sudden she went private. Now today the girl I know, I followed her on ig, and still no response back. So I’m confused in how I should show interest if I’m being shut out.

  10. I mean getting in an organization is a privilege not a right. Also dont get discouraged and be mean because you not selected. There alot that goes into formulating and cultivating a line and it's time consuming. Soo if u dont get in work on your self and etc.

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