The Social Security Gun Ban: Real Truth

In today’s video, I want to go back a few years and talk about what some people called the Social Security Gun Ban of 2016. Just to be clear…it wasn’t that, but for some, it felt like an infringement on their Second Amendment rights and there is fear that it could be coming back.

Ultimately, it was overruled by President Trump but now there’s an election in the not too distant future and the Democrat candidates are not shying away from the gun control conversation. So…since I think it’s likely that we’ll see this pop up again, I want you to understand what’s actually going on and how it’s linked to Social Security.

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21 thoughts on “The Social Security Gun Ban: Real Truth”

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    This is our 2020 Ultimate Social Security Cheat Sheet! I’ve always told you that my goal is to break down the complicated rules so you can use them to your advantage, and this cheat sheet is going to help you do just that. It takes the essential information from the 100,000 page Social Security website and condenses it down to just one page.

  2. This guy is an f-ing idiot. The same kind of useful idiot that is so dangerous to us all. He's so smart he can get down in the weeds and explain how the communists don't REALLY mean us any harm. He's so smart that he can explain to us that there is propaganda on both sides of the argument (and there is). But he's so g-damned stupid he can't see that this is exactly the path chosen by the communists to put us down. Always work in the gray area. Always nudging us further down the path. Always using existing law to move to the next, tiny, incremental restriction. Does he really think that information from every single background check is discarded? That the SSA doesn't have access to that information? That some communist, somewhere, isn't thinking and planning how to use that information to tell them which doors to knock on? Which SS recipients to put the squeeze on? F-ing idiot. Wake up. Grow up. It's not about your genius. It's about our Freedom.

  3. Again more law creep. TThe Constitution says the right to bear arms "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." However the SCOTUS has walked all over our onstitutional rights–so much so that they virtually do not exist. I am ready to fight. Social security is/was INSURANCE run by the government who has stolen our money. Congress should have nothing to do with it.

  4. N Dakota is writing legislation to IGNORE Biden orders INCLUDING GUN CONTROL. Other states will follow. STATES ARE SUPERIOR to the feds. Biden and his commies will get crushed.

  5. Slippery slope. Whenever the government or agency thereof, is given the power to regulate the lives of citizens, the regulation and control only increase with time. Government control isn't a solution, nor is it a cure. The use of information that may or may not be relevant is hit or miss at best. What are the statistics of mentally ill people on SS that have committed a violent crime using a gun? I'm interested in facts not, "well it sounds good".

  6. I receive 70% for PTSD from the veterans Administration, I had a weapon assigned to me for over 20 years. My first tour in Vietnam was in an Infantry RECON Platoon, six man team, with the 101st Airborne Division. I do not understand what Social Security has to do with any type of Gun Control. Soldiers have weapons that the Congress and the President approved. I recommend that they dissolve any or all military Skills that are Recon, Infantry, Special Forces, and/or Rangers. At least The President and the Congress should NEVER send our Service Members to fight or die for another country. I can not have a weapon but it is ok to kill Non Americans humans in a combat zone,

  7. Well let’s say if the immigrants and illegals can come in and get everything for free those jobs you’ve lost those homes you’ve lost in those businesses you’ve lost in everything else given to them they’re going to have guns in legal guns drugs prostitution child progress free control of your children to become slack sex slaves and that’s OK yeah they want to take away our guns our rights are protection our family our love ones demolish God demolish America then if we can’t have guns then they should not have the Armed Forces that they have right now armed protecting the capital building and then they should not have Secret Service to protect them and they should not have security when they go home or at their homes don’t tell me they don’t got guns take away their guns and take away their money and let them live on the streets like so many people are today and see how long they will last you Democrats and Republicans are hypocrites. You can sell your souls to the devil and the devil owns you .

  8. If you ban guns you might as well ban , all Knives, glass, nail clippers, bats, sewing needles, bows and arrows, darts, spear guns etc.

  9. The people who shouldn't own firearms are the people who don't like firearms. It's a basic freedom either your four freedom or you're against it. The people who don't want us to own firearms own firearms and they have feternal thugs criminals (policy enforcers) enforce their edicts at the barrel of a gun.

  10. That doesn’t sound legal to me, because there are so many laws out there to protect my so called “PRIVACY”. This violates my privacy and my second amendment right to own a gun. If I was violent or a felon or had a history of any kind of violence, then I could understand it, but not unless they prove first that I meet at least one of the criteria above. Thank you for this video!!

  11. No I thk the Ss should worry about doing the social security business and leave the weapons stuff to aft which it self sucks

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