There’s a lot of misinformation about firearms background checks. Here’s the real deal. (some states will accept a concealed carry permit in lieu of additional background checks because the permit process requires a more in depth background check).



  1. The average gun hater doesn't know diddly squat about guns or the background process. They're scared to death of guns and don't want to know anything about them.

  2. Amen brother, I just bought four handguns yesterday and because my wife and myself have a similar name it always takes longer for my background check to clear with the FBI. And what really cracks me up is it's not the mature crowd that's doing all of the school shootings. It's their fellow classmates who are more than likely being bullied and just can't take it anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Like the intro music Jethro Tull. In my state if you have a carry permit no background check is required just fill out the 4473 and out the door with the firearm!

  4. Background checks required in PA for rifles and handguns from an FFL. Private individuals can sell long guns only without a background check. Our CCW does not require finger prints.

  5. Very good to put this out there. Many people are not aware of all we go through…especially in California.

  6. Do they do background checks at gun shows? I've only been to one Gun Show. I didn't buy a gun while I was there. I have went through a couple of background checks at gun dealers.

  7. Here i have to go threw a back round check just to get a permit to buy a pistol. Then another back round check done when i go to the FFL to pick it up. All cost money $20.00 +$15.00 for hand gun Rifle just the $15.00

  8. In New Jersey it is unlawful for anyone to carry any type of firearm on them if the said person is not a LEO. There are only 1200 license to carry holders in the state of NJ and they are all retired LEO's. Also in some cities (Newark, Camden, Paterson) simply having a CWFL from another state is ground for a charge of conspiracy to commit pre-meditated murder. Also the Governor just singed 5 new laws into effect and one of them is that if you are a military veteran that was deployed to any theater of combat then the law presumes that you have PTSD and are therefore under a disability that automatically disqualifies you from possessing any type of dangerous weapon (Weather lethal or non-lethal) due to you now being a danger to public safety.

  9. I walked in cocky and walked out feeling like an asshole. I've been on "delay" since the end of April. Must've been my getting caught shoplifting at age 13 that raised a red flag. This whole process has been ridiculous and I probably won't go through it again. I'll buy privately.

  10. I don't do the back ground checks at my work so I just have to assume they've been done and they're all clear. I know management would know if someone was a complete fraud. So I just take people are their word. Granted people tend to talk a lot of shit. But that doesn't really bother me none. Plus I know what a couple years on the job will be like, it's guaranteed to shift the focus more on humility, if someone even makes it. I really don't have anything more thinking on the situation than that

  11. I was denied in Texas a little over a month after buying one. I appealed and won my appeal. Now I'm waiting for my LTC to get processed so next time I make a purchase, it's a lot less hassle

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