This video is for people who have felonies 7-10 years ago and is interested in Prime Inc. If you have drug related or firearm convictions they will go off the date that you finished your probation and not the date of your last conviction. I posted this video because I watched a lot of YouTube videos with people saying that if you have prior convictions Prime will accept you as long as your in the 7-10 year window and that is not true. I hope this video can be helpful for people dealing with felonies from the past make sure you like subscribe and share. #Primeinctrucking #cdl #Primeinc #Jobsforfelons #2019 #Dotphysical #ClassA #cdlforfelons



  1. Maul.E Mal says:

    I feel for you bro I hope you situation turns around

  2. dave henderson says:

    Keep the faith young man….things will work out for you….keep looking the right job will show up..we all have made mistakes…keep straight and hang tough…you will win in the long run….rooting for you

  3. Eric Griswold says:

    Props to someone trying to fix their life, and make his/her life better for them and their families. i hope you can get in with Swift or some other company that may help you make this move. remember that first company doesnt have to be your last. just stay long enough to not owe them anything.

  4. KDS Trucking says:

    Damn bro I’m at prime right now and even during orientation the security guy says your felonies are okay if it’s been 10 years . You should def call the company and see . Recruiters are sales men and I’ think it would just be hard for them to get you in so the one you talked to is lazy and doesn’t wanna try

  5. Dlt215 says:

    Yo check out guilty718 videos,he got sent home from prime to because of his record but he working right now.Its what's on your record that they may reconsider tho in which is drugs,they've had drivers that's been charged with drug trafficking and there company trucks so I can see why the frawn upon drug charges.But you'll deffently find a seat in one of these companies,Try roehl,werner,usexpress,swift they all take felons.

  6. Dads Adventures says:

    I just got the same info from a prime recruiter. Caught my cases in 2006 but didnt finish parole til 2012. Very sad and discouraged. Please make another video when u hear something good. I just subbed and my felonies was the same type guns and hustling. Good luck to u

  7. Greg Hurley says:

    I give you credit for working to improve your life.

  8. Lola Trucking Life says:

    continue positive you will see that some company will give you the opportunity, at this time I am looking for information from some companies also because I want to go to Prime inc but I am afraid I will not be accepted if I do not pass my physical exam, but in one or another i am gonna make it and you too what they do is completely unfair.

  9. Kevin Carr says:

    Roadtex it’s a company in Bridgewater nj they don’t care about felons I’m on parole right now an I’m starting orientation Monday so give them a call

  10. Rhyno the Trucker says:

    U will be able to land something somewhere else bro. What kind of drug test did they give u? Urine or hair?

  11. Varon Moore says:

    Bro did they ever say if and when you could reapply and how long you gotta wait

  12. Nichole Jackson Covington says:

    Try some of the companies that are not mega carriers you may have better luck…… Maybe Western Express….stay as positive as possible some one will hire you just continue to pursue….

  13. Donnie Stewart says:

    Most of these Mega companies definitely turn us convicted felons away. I got a federal felony from 2007 and all the mega companies turned me away , except CRST. But I just paid for training out of pocket. Keep grinding bro

  14. Black Orchid Wino says:

    I know all about the struggle. Good luck brother. Keep pushing

  15. Upk Aloe says:

    They declined me because I had a misdemeanor back in 2017 lol what a joke

  16. Michael Ross says:

    Bro I got hit with my background from 20 years ago homie dont trip

  17. Damian Woods says:

    Mine are from 30 years ago and Prime rejected me, too.

  18. L Davis says:

    Damn bro I'm going through the same thing, considering prime I've been talking with a recruiter and we haven't discussed my history yet.i can only pray my past don't interfere with my future as it has so many times before.

  19. MaD- MullaH says:

    Did you find a job?

  20. Cody Ellerman says:

    I'm in the halfway house right now. Where would you suggest I go? Convictions are 18 years old but just started my paper.

  21. Marcus Coffey says:

    The environment and culture of the hood messed up peoples lives. Get away from anyone who in anyway talks, walks or dresses the part. You are very well spoken and are seeking a better life for you and family. The shameful rememberence of the past is painful but you have many years of hope ahead. I pray the love of Jesus would continually give you encouragement, kindness and confidence in every chapter of your future.

  22. ramon gutierrez says:

    Do all trucking companies background checks go off when your probation was over?

  23. Edward P says:

    Have you had any arrests since those last convictions?

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