The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background

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When taking a selfie, you might want to check yourself and background before you post that pic to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out these epic selfie FAILS, and find out what all these selfie takers are doing wrong!..
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11 thoughts on “The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background”

  1. Brianna Ruiz says:

    dude really?

  2. Brianna Ruiz says:

    celebrity scoop? come on

  3. MeanJoeGreene says:


  4. aisha danish says:

    Where take this pic..which country..pic 47

  5. aisha danish says:

    No 46 pic..?

  6. DeeDee Porter says:

    Come on people, there's life outside the bathroom. Get out there and live it.

  7. HeeTer23 says:

    Selfies are for narcissistic people with low self esteem

  8. Anti-vegan Artist says:

    Some of these are cute embarrassing. Like oh, Grandma‚Äôs in the background. Others…ouch.

  9. Puppie 851 says:

    Dude no ones I going to mention 20

  10. Carbon 14 says:

    Videos narrated by this bot are a big red flag for total BS

  11. Joey Racs says:

    So many bitches with dildos. The good ol USA

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