Thinking of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Don't Do These 3 Things.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool to eliminate debt. But it can create a lot of problems if you aren’t careful.
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In this video I discuss three things you must not do before your bankruptcy case is filed with the court.

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22 thoughts on “Thinking of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Don't Do These 3 Things.”

  1. Brenda McDaniel says:

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  2. eduar ed says:

    Do u recommend me file for bankruptcy when i owe like 12k….i have a lawyer harassing me for a 17 year old bill…is medical..i never knew i was responsible to pay for anesthesia my insurance at that time didnr cover it now i have to pay 3,600 …but i guess a toyal o 13k in debt is not a good idea to do it?

  3. simeonmusicman says:

    If I just filed chap 7 this week but realized I never filed my 2016 taxes, will that effect my case?

    State of OR

  4. C M says:

    Thanks for the information! I need to file chapter 7, but I’d like to include my car in it because it would be a risk to keep it due to the mileage and how much I owe on it. The problem is I would need a car to get back and forth to work. How long would it typically take to surrender my car and be able to get a new loan? Any information helps. Thanks.

  5. USS Forbes says:

    What if I'm paying rent to my dad?

  6. Dainty Dane says:

    What if I haven't worked for years and was a dependent of my boyfriend but not legally married can I still file chapter 7?

  7. Gary Kurum says:

    I was a Massachusetts resident for 8 years, Moved to California a year ago, Now it's the time for me to file chap 7, However, Because I was resident In Mass for years, I Can't file based on Cali resident, Now my lawyer is giving me hard time because I have few grams in bank accounts, She is not 100% sure about it, She needs to file-based on Massachusetts resident which she told me the limit supposed to be 2500$, Now she is willing to delay my case for that & she is not even sure about it, Is 4000$ over limit for in bank account filling chap 7?Some lawyers not even sure, This is rediculus.

  8. Peter Cherry says:

    Y’all credit problems can be so frustrating disheartening but since I met Aeon_llc on Instagram I’ve gotten rid of negatives, boosted credit score for me and my family members removed negatives and bankruptcies, He’s also into Au/prime tradelines also Aeon secures Grants and loans .I’m forever grateful to Aeon in this my credit journey. Aeon: 347-580-7087.

  9. Delisha Williams says:

    How about you went through divorce, and spouse awarded the u have to take your name off deed..will this affect filing chapter 7

  10. Faechi Art Awake says:

    How would they even know you paid family or friends back if you didn’t tell them?

  11. Jicolby Thomas says:

    What are the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy

  12. Soul of New York says:

    I didn't pass the first part of means test but passed the second part of the means test with all the deductions…. Had to go to a few lawyers before I found that out.

  13. LightsCamera Tamara says:

    So we can just pay the same amount to trustee? What if it was unemployment money you gave to family who helped you out while you waited 13 wks for unemployment? Paid family 3k back. My Attorney thinks because it was unemployment they wont bother. My payments to creditors was much more than the 3k as well but not all cards

  14. Xavier Marroquin says:

    Great CHANNEL..what happens if you get a bonus from work after you file BK 7? 2300 after taxes

  15. Mrs. Greene says:

    If I want to file bankruptcy and still have money in the bank for my future needs does that count assets?

  16. Marian Derequito says:

    Is helping a family member financially considered as payment to insider?

  17. Marian Derequito says:

    Checked my State Exemptions for Chapter 7 and I could exempt my small savings. But I am hearing that once filed, trustees might freeze bank accounts. Will this happen even if my funds are exempted?

  18. Bradley says:

    You seem like one of those attorneys that are actually really great at what they do. We need more people like you here in Colorado especially for medical negligence as well as personal injury and such! The attorneys in Denver suck ass and they're rude and nasty and they always badger people

  19. Tony Ferrara says:

    Mr. Skiba, truly appreciate the videos…..Pretty sure going to file chapter 7….Really don't want to but have lost my Apple Crop 5 out of the last 6 years and really don't have a choice….Question, have a truck lease due to end in one month and can re-fi or purchase a new truck….Can I purchase (Finance) a new Truck and continue to make payments and keep it after I file Bankruptcy say in 2 months? I truly appreciate your time and help….

  20. jazzdemblues says:

    Do judges or trustees have any discretion in turning over assets in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  21. Nicoplaysroblox says:

    hi, I am a married man with 2 cars on my name . I transfered the one she drives to her name. going through a divorce as well. now, could that transaction be reverse considering what you just explained. thanks for the advice.

  22. Papa Giordana says:

    I took out a bunch of personal loans and got in over my head… how long do I have to wait before I file bankruptcy??

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