Thousands Fail Uber Background Check That Some Call Unfair

Massachusetts officials say more than 10 percent of people who applied to drive for ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft failed a required background check, though the company and some drivers call the process unfair. WBZ-TV’s Cheryl Fiandaca reports.


26 thoughts on “Thousands Fail Uber Background Check That Some Call Unfair”

  1. Me for example, i did something stupid back in highschool, its been 7 years lol seriously im a good honest man with a 3 year old son

  2. Good I'm glad the others failed because of their background but for this individual it's understandable where he's coming from I mean someone with a clean record or never got convicted of any violent crimes not of not have been terminated but the background checks are not unfair

  3. Do passengers get checked to ? Or Uber assumes that drivers are in no danger?
    Wait let me guess passengers are the ones paying ops

  4. I just got my back ground check done and Uber rejected me because my DL was suspended without me knowing because my insurance auto renew didn't kick in. and my toll pass battery went out and i owed 15.00 which again i addressed. I have been offered a job with the school board taking kids to school. I also was offered a job by the sheriffs office to drive for them as well. Now if i am ok to drive children and people for the sheriffs office how can uber tell me that i failed when the police said that i didn't? Makes no since at all.

  5. The state I live in has the tightest disapproved drivers so the cab companies don’t have to face to much competition

  6. They denied me as well and said I failed the background check for some bullshit similar to this guy, meanwhile I see all (types) of foreigners working for Uber freely, that's why when they shoot and blow shit up I don't give two fucks, this country sure has a way of shitting on it's born American citizens like no other country as if we're sub citizens.

  7. You got all these people is coming up saying stuff and Uber is pretty damn safe it is pretty safe what about all these people you know that didn't get caught you name me one person that has not broke a law or done something against the law and they got away with it what about them I mean if you hadn't been in trouble in 3 years or so you know what even at 3 years you're doing damn good but give him a job he is fighting I mean he is going good we stayed out of trouble for three years he is doing good just like these people out here just saying all these Safe in His Uber is safe to cut tracking devices why don't you fight for people instead of keep putting people in jail people can't find jobs what do they do they can't feed your family where do they do they messed up in their life and they trying to straighten your life out and over comes along and gives his people jobs and it's going pretty damn good at it it's doing good come on people fight for us drivers Uber drivers get together and fight this

  8. Think I failed the background check too. It's not the ones with records we should be worrying about. It's the ones without records who are capable of the worst crimes!

  9. Since when do past mistakes indicate future mistakes? So utterly stupid and wrong. "I see you fucked up a few years ago so that means you will fuck up in the future too, so sorry can't hire you, go back to sellin drugs."

  10. Im a driver ..and it is sooooo fair ,wen u deal with public u must make sure u place cameras n dashcam and must post it …wen u in this business, i get urine background chk every year and pay $26 for it …get a job doing something else,if ur bkgrd clean go to court get a history of u and show up at hub …and for wat uber pays drivers ..u wld b soooo happy the cut u off ..cuz ur car wld hold more value and less expenses and u dnt deal w shitty part is u get ur life back..uber dnt give a rats ass abt drivers…

  11. OUI its 7 years but also leaving the scene its forever. People make mistakes and 15, 20 or 30 years later your a different person. New background check was too far sweeping and continue without a finding should not count.

  12. What's the point of a background check. People with criminal history shouldn't even bother to apply for jobs if that's the case. Went to jail? Paid your debt to society? Haven't been in trouble for over a decade? Their never gonna let you forget it.

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