Three top reasons for denial of an EIDL Loan and how to get approved

These are the Three top reasons for denial of an EIDL Loan and how you can get approved. The third one is the most preposterous. No small business should’ve been denied an EIDL disaster loan. #eidlloan #eidlgrant #teconsideration #iallegedly

So many business people have reached out expressing their dissatisfaction with the EIDL grant and loan program. The fact that so many businesses were told that they did not suffer an economic injury is nothing short of preposterous. One business that reached out is Bark Boulevard in El Cajon, CA. They have struggled to get an EIDL Loan because the SBA said that they were not negatively affected by the corona shenanigans. Ridiculous. Support this great business.

Bark Boulevard
2144 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego California 92104

Their website

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21 thoughts on “Three top reasons for denial of an EIDL Loan and how to get approved”

  1. I was referred to ashcrthack_ on IG wes't disapointed.I got my bills cleared and my account funds through that man

  2. I had almost perfect credit until Covid19 hit me in April and I was on deferrment and Chase never said the term was over.
    I also lost 10 deals at once, so I did not report taxes for my accountant just said the hell with it now. They will understand.
    Instead degenerates in the 1% took the money thaat small businesses should get. I will contact you just to know any strategy and whether I should ask a lender to help and if that is allowed for this loan.

  3. Sincerely, when I saw this man at the beginning of the video, he seemed like a lawyer who is only interested in money, but I was fascinated a lot by his video, his way of explaining his patience and his calm way of speaking, I understood perfectly and you can see that what he does He does it with love to give us his knowledge, I really appreciate that, definitely like, 5 stars and my subscription for him

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  6. I highly recommend EXPENDABLEMONEYSOLUTIONCOM for sba money that just got approved within 5 hours they are perfect

  7. I was turned down because someone besides myself applied on my behalf. My social security card has been stolen. I only applied once

  8. I reported a loss last year. I ended up having like 23k in auto expenses. I think i dont qualify for ppp and eidl because of the reported loss. Can i ammend this?

  9. I got a eidl last year I reapply for another eidl got approved but when I except the offer I proceed to identy verification answered all question correct except one it ask me what county St Paul in 3 choices plus none above I answered none above because none matched question St Paul man in ramsey county Reagan man in Dakota county I knew this sense spa said no problem we can still process your application then in a 10 second offer vanished and went to a denied I sent in explanation still denied wow just like that done spa said within 6 months I can send in a recocideration letter I found after 90 days reapply sap playing games and think b4 answering questions if they took time to check I answered correctly its like they don't care

  10. I was approved yesterday but my signing doc is still Grey. I called n they said that the loan officer needs to finish the underwriting. Before it's release for me to sign. Is that normal?

  11. I was originally denied for Unverifiable Information! My name wasn’t on the llc Documents so I’m sure that was the reason. I have now added my name to the documents. Do you think emailing them the updated llc documents should reverse the decision?

  12. Hi, great content!- i was denied the EIDL due to "Low Income Area" requirement and Unverifiable information, any recourse? appeal etc?

  13. I applied for the edil loan and received 10k. I checked the box on question 19 on criminal offences in the past 5 years. YES!

    The SBA loan contractor also received an email from me on the dates of the arrest and the outcome. This email has since been deleted after 6/1/2020.

    I was lucky enough to make a copy on 6/5/20 of the entire emails between myself and the SBA contractor. If you look at the attached, you will see the emails back and forth, what you won't see is the email on 6/1/2020 at 3:46. I also went ahead and made a flash drive of the contents of the old emails, in the event this goes sideways. It is now in a safe location should I need it.

    Here is the problem, I'm thinking they are trying to cover up their mistake by deleting that email somehow and maybe come after me for wire fraud, I could be off base on this BUT at the very least this SBA contractor committed fraud.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!

  14. How would be an acceptable explanation example, to SBA that is not my fault I do not meet the low income city, zip code or neighborhood requirements???

    !!!Some of these building are almost falling apart!!! And they just send me an denial email… And to respond ASAP if I agree!!!
    Any suggestions
    Thanks in advance!!

  15. I got denied for owed childsupport I only owe $300 that I would have paid off if I was working making money with my homebased business. And if they give me my darn tax return already! $300 is all I owe ..

  16. I need help here … I'll even pay you . The real you not the scammer . I can tell the difference.. so I am held up with getting my loan because they are waiting for resolution certificate… here is the email threy sent…1. Borrower has used a template only for corporations. Entity is a LLC,
    not a corp. 2. Borrower to comply with LLC certification guidelines:
    meeting, acceptance, designation, signature/date. Please provide a
    Certificate that includes: a. A statement that the LLC held a meeting b.
    A statement that the LLC authorizes acceptance of the SBA loan and
    specifying the loan amount c. A statement designating an individual or
    individuals by name and title authorized to sign the SBA loan closing
    documents d. The statement should be dated and signed by at least one
    member/manager/managing member of the LLC

    I am clueless how to do it. I have tried 2 times both times they request this over again. so my wording is wrong I guess

  17. I really appreciate your effort Silethack0 on !G he got my SBA loan approved after they got me denied

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