Top 10 Reasons Security Clearance Applications are Rejected

Filling out your security clearance application (SF86) incorrectly could mean additional months of delays or even not getting a cleared job. The devil is in the details – missing survey release forms, data on foreign born relatives or information on debt – are all reasons for applications to be rejected. Get the details on the top 10 reasons applications are rejected and make sure you don’t make these mistakes.


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Security Clearance Applications are Rejected”

  1. camarocomputer says:

    help! the e-qipe thing says there is an error on my job history section, "Error

    Account for your employment activities, without breaks, for the previous 10 years. Do not list employments before your 18th birthday unless to provide a minimum of 2 years of employment history. " i listed everything, what else do they want? how do i get rid of the error?

  2. ClearanceJobs says:

    Are there any breaks in your employment history? There can not be any period of time not accounted for. Is your employment history at least 10 years? If you were not working during the entire 10 year period, put "unemployed" during the appropriate period of time.

  3. Roger Jewell says:

    Great video series. Thanks.

  4. ♠Ripley♠ says:

    You have to have a referral even if you move to a new city for residential information. That's pretty bogus especially if you don't know anyone, I assume the military only wants popular people to join.

  5. 14_07_22 says:

    why must one list the sponsoring agency as current?? this doesnt make any sense because it would create a discrepancy with your current employer, not your sponsoring agency… Please reply, thanks in advance. Also what if one didn't list their sponsoring agency? can one possibly be rejected completely for this sole purpose as you have stated as the number 1 reason?

  6. Bklynite 86 says:

    Thank You!

  7. Master Bastard says:

    Dammit I forgot my debt information! I got it wrong.

  8. William Heckman says:

    How do you get Security Clearance ?

  9. drew says:

    is this the same in canada?

  10. Nick Thompson says:

    What if I worked for a company less than a month cause I was laid off

  11. Todd Patrick says:


  12. Everett deBree says:

    What if some relatives born abroad refuse to share their information? ie SSN….

  13. TKOG says:

    Spousessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lol

  14. Jeremy Davie says:

    I thought this document was a normal job application so I left out all of the lesser-important jobs I had. My army recruiter didn't tell me just how serious this document was.

  15. Mike Nelson says:

    Can state and local police departments access your sf 86 when applying to them

  16. Conner says:

    Just finished mine, ever since I certified my information I’ve been paranoid I missed something arghhh

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