Top 4 Reasons for Refusal of Your Express Entry application

Join me today where I discuss the most common reasons an eAPR application is rejected.

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17 thoughts on “Top 4 Reasons for Refusal of Your Express Entry application”

  1. Mehmood Mustafa says:

    yay, i am the 1st to hit like.
    i realy love to learn from you mark
    thanks alot

  2. Uche Ogobegwu says:

    Hi Mark, while filling the Express Entry form, I mistakenly missed out outing my Middle name which is on my International passport. Please, will I be penalised for this and how do I rectify this?

  3. Ngozi O says:

    Hello Mark, I live in Nigeria. Can I use work experience I gained over 10 years ago ( 2007) in England, to get points for foreign experience in the CRS for the express entry?

  4. abdul nafey says:

    Can we apply for federal skilled worker program inside Canada? After a study program or on a work permit? Or Canadian experience class is the only way?

  5. Shazia Haroon says:

    I tried to join the canadian law group in fb but i am unable to join… any method to be part of it ???

  6. asma tahir says:

    Sir if someone’s points are good means above the minimum points required then does that mean that he will become PR 100% or there are chances of refusal?

  7. Kunal Gaur says:

    Hello mark,
    I have submitted my application and inadvertently I have answered “NO” in the statuary questions field for the question if I was refused a visa for any country as it was back in 2010 and I forgot about mentioning this, however I applied for a USA back in 2010 which was not granted to me.
    Can I fill the CSE now and give details along with the supporting documents.??
    Kindly suggest what else can be done to elucidate this issue.

  8. green leaf says:

    Starts at 20.00 minutes

  9. ecofriendlyidea says:

    Hi sir, what would be the supporting documents if i have been refused for us tourist visa back in 2010. Does ircc ask for supporting documents regarding refusal?

  10. inder ghuman says:

    If express entry application gets rejected …wht other option is left

  11. drbraganzaclinic davao says:

    Good day! I tried to get my travel history in I94, However, It keeps on saying that I do not have any Travel History Found. What should I do?

  12. maweja mao tshikala says:

    Hi Mark. I would like to know if beauty therapists also can apply for a job in Canada

  13. V A says:

    With the whole covid19 do you suggest waiting till it all blows away? The working holiday visa has been temporarily suspended

  14. Sheen Mary says:

    Hi Mark, I would like to know how many pay stubs should I attach with the experience letter?
    Also if I am recieving the funds as a gift from parents, should it be in my account for 6 months.

  15. Nav Preet says:

    Hey Mark
    I got the invitation and have Lmia.
    But the particular location in lmia got closed. But I am working in other location of the company.
    It's a weird situation. Any suggestions?

  16. Marian Francisco says:

    What if employer refuses to give reference letters?

  17. Rise W says:

    Thank you for your information. It helps me a lot!

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