Top 5 Mistakes On An ATF FORM 4473

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Buying a gun from your dealer means filling out a 4473. While it’s usually just filling out your information, it’s easy to make a mistake, especially in the excitement of purchasing your next firearm. Kate, one of our compliance specialists at Silencer Shop, joins us in the vault to discuss the top 5 most common errors found on a 4473.

If you’re in the market to be filling out one of these forms, we highly recommend you double check the following common mistakes in order to streamline your purchasing process:

1. Name portion (use your full legal name ex: use Michael instead of Mike)
2. Double check for misspellings (ex: County names)
3. Updated ID cards (ex: address shown doesn’t match current address)
4. Sign on the signature portion on the back of the page
5. Improper dates (use accurate date)

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes On An ATF FORM 4473”

  1. The top 5 at my shop are
    1.The people don't put nmn when they don't have a middle name
    2. They put usa instead of their county
    3. The not check off Hispanic or non Hispanic
    4. wrong address
    5. Wrong date on the back

  2. In other words, many people pay no attention to what they are doing and don't proofread their work.
    It's kinda like picking up that take out order.

  3. Heads-Up! Did you see that the 4473 NEW FORM/("so-called updated" with this and that) FYI: *Suggested by ATF to be used 'asap', but must be used by law, by {November 2020}. – They now have this in digital format in stores, (guess who had the software made), and to be saved as such in their store system, [Not, like what it has/had been, that it was kept 'in paper form only' in the so-called, back room, only accessible under, certain scenarios], (I heard only 2 copies are allowed to be printed of this form now, from said digital system, 'in total'). You want a copy of YOUR 4473, you are allowed to have this, if the store is willing, but according to some, they do not have to give it to you; guess you can always do a "Freedom Of Information Request". Also, one or more 'NEW' questions on the [New 4473 form] may have you concerned. – No, I do not want to talk about it, just look it over and if you do a comparison of this and the former iteration, you will see for yourself. – ((((( Your Welcome ))))) – BTW, I think you should have a right to a copy of a government compulsory form that you give required information, I say this for a number of reasons. ~

  4. Just to show how corrupt US Supreme Court Justices can be.

    Abramski v. United States 573 U.S. _ (2014)
    Quoting Justice Scalia:

    "But the Government does not contend that either Abramski or his uncle fell into one of those prohibited categories. And no provision of the Act prohibits one person who is eligible to receive and possess firearms ( e.g., Abramski) from buying a gun for another person who is eligible to receive and possess firearms ( e.g., Abramski’s uncle),even at the other’s request and with the other’s money."

    "Under §922(a)(6), it is a crime to make a “false . . . statement” to a licensed gun dealer about a “fact material to the lawfulness of ” a firearms sale. Abramski made a false statement when he claimed to be the gun’s “actual transferee/buyer” as Form 4473 defined that term. But that false statement was not “material to the lawfulness of the sale” since the truth—that Abramski was buying the gun for his uncle with his uncle’s money—would not have made the sale unlawful. See Kungys v. United States, 485 U. S. 759, 775 (1988) (plurality opinion) (materiality is determined by asking “what would have ensued from official knowledge of the misrepresented fact”); accord id., at 787 (Stevens, J., concurring in judgment). Therefore, Abramski’s conviction on this count cannot stand."

    "But the fact that the agency charged with enforcing the Act read it, over a period of roughly 25 years, not to apply to the type of conduct at issue here is powerful evidence that interpreting the Act in that way is natural and reasonable and does not make its requirements “meaningless.” "

  5. The 4473 is in itself a mistake, it does a little to nothing to prevent GunZ from going into the hands of criminals, and prevents too many law biting citizens from purchasing Firearms that they are entitled to possess, the ATF is tyranny personified and corruption

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