Top Reasons Applicants are Denied a Security Clearance

Out of approximately thirteen hundred security clearance cases decided on by Administrative Judges at DOHA during the 2008 fiscal year, Financial Considerations was by far the most prevalent issue and appeared in over 50% of the cases. Over the years the number of cases involving Financial Considerations has gone up or down depending on changes in the economy, particularly unemployment. Read more at


32 thoughts on “Top Reasons Applicants are Denied a Security Clearance”

  1. ss f says:

    3.5 years ago I had a public trust clearance denied because i did not disclose marijuana use on my form but subsequently admitted to it in the interview. I have reapplied for a public trust clearance and have the interview on tuesday. how should i approach this when asked to ensure I have the best chance of getting my clearance?

  2. Dev S says:

    I've made harsh criticisms of the government as a private citizen, including unamerican uses of government powers that conflicts with the US Constitution. Would someone be denied a security clearance for practicing constitutionally protected dissent in the press? Is it considered unpatriotic to express opinions in the interest of the general population when the government has committed measurable wrong, or must our speech be regulated in the interest of the ruling parties for the privilege of serving our country? What is the line between Liberty and Dictatorship?

  3. TimeSpace says:

    I've smoked weed in the past ( i no longer do), and when i was 18 or 19 i got charged with a dui. I'm 24, and haven't been in trouble since that moment in time. I've held the same position for almost 4 years. I'm good with computers… i know how to program in js and c++. front end and back end alike. I have a girl i talk to online who lives in a foreign place but she is pro american… dreams of living here. But needless to say.. i could detach myself entirely and not think twice of it (i live by myself so having someone to talk to is a the primary reason i keep her around). Can i get a ts/sci? i have nothing to hide… i am who i am and these things have made me who i am today.

  4. Stacii Stackz says:

    if someone was arrested for theft never plead guilty but got a lawyer to amend to lesser charger. which charge do they list on the sf86 the amended or initial charge?

  5. Andres Agredo says:

    so, on #3, if you have dual citizenship, you just can not get Security Clearance?

  6. molesys says:

    Can a person discharged from Delay Entry Program disqualified for clearance???.

  7. Gabriel Hawi says:

    Would you be able to keep it in an active status after leaving the sponsoring organization?

  8. Joe V says:

    what if you're a citizen but your parents have been US residents for 25+ years ?

  9. SuperBong420 says:

    Will a warning from a police officer pop up on a background check? Like for example if you got pulled over for making a wrong turn but the cop gave you a warning and let you go will that pop up? I've had 2 warnings one for making a wrong turn which was an honest mistake and the other for speeding which was my fault for being stupid but I got a warning and no ticket. Will those pop up?

  10. Abdiel Gomez says:

    thank you for this information. A question about the number 5 reason, I learn languages and I learn them through method of exchanging, using facebook and skype and other social medias. What if I exchanged languages with someone from Rusia, will that be a reason to get denied?

  11. danajohns29 says:

    Does a DUI deny you?

  12. caringcarlos says:

    for criminal conduct (grand theft 1000-2000 merch) will it ever get over looked? i was honest and everything but it happened 2013 so idk if i have to wait more time before they see i matured (20 at the time) THANKS

  13. Cristian reyes says:

    What about a misdemeanor of a small possession of weed but all I got was a ticket and paid it
    And it was a year ago and I've been clean ever since
    Would I still get clearance

  14. Sircio sircio says:

    I have a felony from 2012. But im getting expungement. This year 2012. It's for attempt to deliver. But in reality I didn't attempt anything..

  15. P Gaven says:

    One word…hypocrisy. There is no standardization of the process and it's up to the individual investigator. Criminal conduct should be number one. Look at our government…

  16. loser says:

    Pay those bills and be passive

  17. haskha45 says:

    What if your record is expunged. Not a felony btw. Should you disclose that In the clearance.

  18. Prince Montanaa says:

    What if you was arrested when your as 17 and it the class was closed from someone’s record Will they find that out? And what if you was suspended and expelled from highschool… will they find that out also?

  19. r mac says:

    If you're Jared Kushner you should have no problem getting it

  20. destiny says:

    So if I have a misdemeanor attempted possession charge and a few others that went away (not the attempted possession one, that’s to stay) but I haven’t gotten in trouble for over 5 years, could I get clearance to be an astronomer?

  21. UC MNSTR says:

    Is there anyway u can expunge your criminal record ? I have no felonies and its been years since my last arrest.

  22. nora lewin says:

    Will I be rejected for clearence due to a dismissed misdemeanor deemed probable cause assault 4? I've been fired from 2 jobs technically one asked me to resign but only provided example for one

  23. Grande Ronde Productions says:

    Can I get a SSBI in the airforce with a moral waiver?

  24. Jesus Christ says:

    honorable usaf engineer f-16 avionics wirerepair. ccaf grad

  25. Joe says:

    Being a new investigator is a pain in the butt, there is so much to learn. Some days I want to quit. If people could just keep their noses clean the process would be much smoother for everyone. No one is perfect, but some issues are definitely avoidable.

  26. Paula Barnes says:

    Okay question say if you have a clean criminal background and say if some of your relatives have felonies on them can you still be eligible for a security clearance?

  27. قصي صبار says:

    I am in process to get my security clearance but I have 2 medical bills on collection. But I am doing a monthly payment. Would that effect my security clearance

  28. Derek Anderson says:

    Can I be denied for being realited to a Mormon religious sect? Ie… Polygamy?

  29. Micah Douglas says:

    So who do i need to get a letter from in order to serve my country. BC the reason why ive been denied time and time again was giving a senators friend a sober ride home and guess what the cops found when i consented to a search after he fleed and i complied and did not lie??? Uh ohhhh 2008 my life ended in regards to being a serviceman and id give up my way higher paying job in order to go in now at 30

  30. COOL Cool says:

    Do I have to pass every categories in order to pass the security clearance?

  31. estayabon parada says:

    My dad has a security clearance but I probably won't get one ever i'm 29 already

  32. Nasir Mohammed says:

    Do police officers have security clearance?

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