TR to PR Pathway – Critical New Update! IRCC is now starting to reject the attempts of applicants to correct mistakes made when they filed their TR to PR Pathway application. In this video, Mark is going to break down the latest IRCC instructions and provide direction on how to deal with this brutal new development.

Mark will also provide insight on where he feels the TR to PR Pathway program will be headed in the future. Will IRCC re-open the International Graduate stream? Will they create a new transitional work permit for those whose work permits will expire before their TR to PR Pathway is processed? Tune in to find out.

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40 thoughts on “TR to PR Pathway – CRITICAL NEW UPDATE!”

  1. My husband scored only 4 in Ielts listening section. But overall is 4.5. Can he apply for Essential category PR?

  2. I live in BC. If my application get refused and need help to appeal the application while you live in Alberta, can you help me appeal?

  3. QQQQ: I am not legally married, just living with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years and I filed tax as common law with CRA. For TR to PR application under International Graduates stream, I filled marital status as Common Law (my boyfriend is Canadian) in all forms, but in the portal to submit the application, I chose “Single” and I did not submit “Statutory of Common Law partnership” (I don’t have one). Could you please let me know what should I do?

  4. Please Dear lawyer I did submit my TR to PR application and don't get any application number back so I don't even know the application number because immigration receive my application but they had no notify me , I need provide the English test and medical for my son what I suppose to do ?

  5. Hi Mark. Can we submit a new application in the future after we withdrawn the old application? Thanks.

  6. QQ HI,
    MARK how are you doing,
    Just one quick question
    I have successfully submitted my TR 2 PR application waiting for AOR, meanwhile can I travel back to India for short visit and come back when I get my AOR EMAIL.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated as always.
    Thanks you.

  7. I applied for tr to pr essential non health…. I submitted all the documents including employment letter and my t4 but did not submit my paystub. Is it ok?

  8. Hello mark, my common-law partner applied last May 6 for te to Pr, she is working for one year and 10 months as essential worker non health, can she change an employer that is non essential work? Won’t it affect her application? Please need help

  9. I know that one of my mandatory file turned out to be corrupted when I submitted my application, but I received a letter to undergo an additional medical examination (the doctor had given me a heads up about it). I wonder why they requested just the additional examination and said nothing about the currupted file? Are there two separate organizations that check the documents?

  10. Sir, my husband is filling this application and I am in India where VACs and upfront medical examination are shut.. what should I do for my medical??

  11. I wanted to know that my friend is stuck in india and she is planning to travel to canada soon. She has a valid job letter but has to quarantine for 14 days can she apply for tr to pr pathway or not in quarantine period OR has to be physically present at job? Please guide

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  13. Hi, My question is if my job NOC does not match with the NOC of Eligible essential occupations mentioned in IRCC's website, will I be eligible to apply for TR to PR Pathway?

  14. Mandatory documents

    The following documents are considered mandatory. If one of these documents were not submitted in your online application, your application is likely to be refused:

    Any proof of Current Employment in Canada included in the Guide 5069, and
    A valid language test result to prove your ability to apply for the TR to PR pathway, and
    A complete Schedule 3 – Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway: Streams A & B and International Graduates [IMM 0130].

    If you applied for the International Graduates stream, you were also required to submit any form of proof of completed study in Canada included in the Guide 5069.

    If you applied for the Workers in-Canada streams (healthcare / essential, non-healthcare), you were also required to submit any form of proof of the periods of work experience identified in your application included in the

  15. Hi I applied under international stream, I did upload all the docs however I didn't think we would need to provide the reference letter too. I uploaded my offer letter, employment confirmation letter, paystub n the job posting. Do u guys think it will be enough?

  16. Hi just wondering if what is the band score for ielts for the new program for the caregiver is it all 5 in speaking writing reading and listening?thanks

  17. Hi Mark, I submitted my application in tr to pr pathway international graduate. But while uploading my fees receipt I uploaded the declined one instead of the right one so I created another account and did all the application again. May I know will my application will get rejected?

  18. Hi , I have applied for TR to PR, international graduate stream. My passport and work permit expire only in September of 2022, but my daughter’s expire in December of this year. Should I renew her passport right now, or should I wait a while? Please help. Thanks

  19. Dear mark,i work at st huberts, a restaurant as a cashier and my job duties match 10 out of 12 on the cashier duties not the food counter or like kfc or tim hortons. Can i apply on this

  20. Hi. Im a McDonald’s kitchen employee and I have more that 1500 hours of working experience. Am I eligible to apply through essential non-health care workers stream

  21. Hi Mark just wanted to check i have done a couple of jobs and my last job covers more than 1560 basically the required hours so do i still need to submit a letter from previous employer’s with a letter about the work experience ???????????????

  22. If a person who complete half his haours in part time as a student and half when his studies gets completed while completing the hours and now he has to apply for work permit and can he still complete the hours as a full timer and apply in essential pathway

  23. Hello, I just have a quick question, by mistake, I initiated an application for PR through the PNP program, however, I want to delete it, is that possible? Will it be closed automatically? or should I contact IRCC to get assistance, Thank You

  24. Hi, i happend to notice my schedule 3 and 5406 is missing last page. what is the best thing to do ? Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi, i happend to notice my schedule 3 and 5406 is missing last page. what is the best thing to do ? Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi, i happend to notice my schedule 3 and 5406 is missing last page. what is the best thing to do ? Thanks in advance.

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