Trucking Student “REJECTED” Prime Inc Common reasons!

Bonus clip at end of a 1 door trailer I had to pickup!
a look at why trucking students get rejected from trucking companies!


21 thoughts on “Trucking Student “REJECTED” Prime Inc Common reasons!”

  1. I love how strict they are cause that means only the best can get through I'm 15 and I would love to try to work for prime hope you guys work up in Canada

  2. Ok so I hear what u say , but what u don't say is what about people who have experience, and decide if prime is right for them, u never say anything about that,email me back and let me know [email protected], or call me 3379626180

  3. One guy got kicked out because the hooker he took to his room robbed him.

    He called 911 hotel called prime security.

    He was on the curb with the clothes on his back because the hooker stole his bag

  4. Good Info. What happens if you have your California permit? Will that work or does it have to be from the state Prime is located in?

  5. Those writen test are pretty much common sense anyone with some life knowledge should pass it

  6. When I was in oreantation with McElroy some guys got kicked out because they left beer bottles on the counter and it was on a satarday

  7. Well said. I went through Prime for my cdl. I couldn't agree with you more. Treat the whole process as a job interview. Be prepared, professional, clean. You will skate right through the process.

  8. Good Morning Mr. Would like make a quiestion, if someone is rejectes do they got to pay what CDL was going to cost!!!.

  9. That’s stupid about the job thing what if you’re a person like my self who has always had 2 jobs am I a job hopper or am I a hustler. I almost feel like they just want to control what you’ve done in the past. Is that makes any sense.

  10. I owned my own painting contracting business for 25 years. I have loads of documentation, so i hope that sufficient for employment.

  11. I was put under the wheel At 16 and told to drive this thing. That was in 1980. My father drove for 42 years. Missed me and my brother growing up. When he retired he was a beat old man, live for 3 more years and was gone. Bad health problems.

  12. Does Prime verify your MVR before your application is approved? I was approved, passed my DOT Physical and Drug Screen, got my CDL permit. But I have a couple rough spots on my MVR. Is it possible that I get all the way to Orientation and then get rejected? Or is the MVR already reviewed before they invite you?

  13. when prime says they give vacations for one week after one year completed they mean literaly you get only one week as far. as getting PAYED for that week or LITERALLY they mean you cant be on vacations for more than week period even if you dont mind not being payed ?

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