Trucking what to do after you fail a DOT drug test.?

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what to do after you fail a DOT drug test here’s are some of the steps I had to take.. for the clearinghouse and fmcsa


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  1. CBD oil & Marijuana is legal in certain states.. its ridiculous that you can't intake certain food and products when not working… they need to update the THC federal laws.. No company in any industry has loyalty!

  2. We get in trouble for using a little THC on our own time. But people can get shit faced drunk to the point they're violent.

  3. Ive never even had a speeding ticket or an accident in my life. Never been in trouble in my life.
    Had a perfect work record never been written up.
    Had a positive test result. Ive paid over 800 for the RTD process. Fees for company to get me a Sap and guide me through the process fees for drug test and a online course. No AA or NA because I have no history abd do not do drugs or drink.
    Once ive completed every step Im told. in the last meeting with the SAP. Im really not clear because I actually have to find an employer who will hire me and they have to request another RTD urine test and submit that test. Who is going to hire me with that on my clearing house?
    That was never told to me at the beginning of this process. Im not sure if I would of spent all this money if I would have known this end result.
    I to paid for a DOT drug test. I was told that was part of the RDT process. That. $81 test meant nothing.
    Some FYI, over 583,000 drivers have been took off their job since Jan.2020 only 8%have done the RTD process.

  4. Hey sir my husband his going to a 30days sap because he failed his random alcohol drug test can you give us tip

  5. Wow same situation same time frame mines was cuz I took a perc 1 time with my leg issues I’m on the RTD status with my same company

  6. Trying to piss 6 times in front of another man sucks when you have a shy blatter !!! And being 62 its hard to piss anyways

  7. I paid 500 also here in Michigan !!! 6 piss test in a year !!!!! I have 3 more piss tests but i have my return to duty

  8. If u leave the company that hired u does that disqualify you and do u have to start all over with the clearinghouse?

  9. Man i just got my cdls and I did a refusal drug test and I’m devastated right now smh haven’t even been on the road with a company yet I start my sap but I feel like I just lost my cdls before I even got to use them smh thanks man this video was really helpful

  10. Im 60. Everyone that I went to high school with that smoked pot died younger, car accident, went on to hard drugs. You will never change my mind. It will ruin you life or kill you or someone else sooner or later.

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