Trump's Pants Really Did Look Backwards Though

James starts the show checking in on everyone’s weekend, and he shares how he burned an hour at a child’s birthday party thanks to a video game. And if anyone knows the host of the “So This Is My Why” podcast based in Malaysia, please ask her to release her interview with CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein as soon as possible. After, James gets into the headlines including setting the record straight: former President Donald Trump’s pants were definitely not on backwards this weekend. And we debate what it will take for more people to get the vaccine.

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38 thoughts on “Trump's Pants Really Did Look Backwards Though”

  1. Teresita Uy says:

    Joe Manchin is the black sheep of the party . Pain the ass.

  2. Maggie Robles says:

    Please don’t ever bring back the audience, I LOVE this set up❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. heidi herrera says:

    James how dare you abandon me.

  4. Colin Eisele says:

    Only watched this show a few times before the new format. I'm loving how genuine it is as opposed to the 'cue-laughter' format of the pre-COVID shows. Canned laughter and planned laughter feels the same – and I'm not sure if its the shows that encourage the audience to laugh and clap at all the punchlines, or if audiences – through a steady diet of Friends, that 60's Show, etc – have made themselves into canned laughter recepticles.

    … in either case. Loving the show, mr. Cordon and team. Here's hoping you keep the format and stay genuine.

  5. rissa d says:

    please post an uncut monologue lmao

  6. Tim Jordan says:

    To me it looked like Trump had adult diapers under his pants.

  7. Robin Garrett says:

    I surrender. Regarding vaccine, what was censored X job. I couldn't figure it out

  8. Master X says:

    I asked him if he was incontinent and he said "hey i'm not that fat!"

  9. Joyce Ben-Israel says:

    I lkie you lol

  10. Naomi Arram says:

    I still want to know if Hagar went to the nude beach or not.

  11. Carmen S. says:

    It’s Trump’s Depends, that is backwards under his pants!

  12. Chazzy B says:

    I wonder if going into space would make you more or less inclined to pay your fair share of taxes?

  13. Daniel Atlas says:

    3 partiespeople,two creats duality and grid lock,which seems to be the government’s goal….3 parties ah they,ll fuck that up too but your grid lock aint going anywhere

  14. Daniel Atlas says:

    Oh please let it blow up

  15. Goellioana says:

    pls, post the full 30 min. I'd love to watch that.

  16. Alex Moore says:

    i love this behind the scenes-type content. put it all on youtube! 12 min on tv, all of it on youube. love it

  17. j b says:

    i think trump pants?, looks like one of those men dresses,men from india wear, with a low split up to the knees..

  18. Nico says:

    There appears to be more stuffing below the belly, and it's definitely not his male privates.

  19. kev sea says:

    Doe anyone but me think that Trumps next plan, is NOT to run for President
    but to set the scene for staying out of jail by beginning to fake the fact that he is going senile and forgetting his words mixing his words and putting on clothes backwards. He is a slippery slimey toad

  20. Dawn Anderson says:

    And what are they made of to be so wrinkled!!

  21. Adam Hendler says:

    Yeah…because the area around the zipper got blurred. Anyhow: since alternative facts matter: he did have them backwards on. Don't miss the opportunity to use the retarded Republicans' weapons against themselves.

  22. Lee says:

    The pants were fine – it was the extra large nappy underneath that was the problem!

  23. Billy Wang says:

    It's not backwards it's just a diaper

  24. RON JAGRAF/X says:

    Trump put his pants on right. That bulge that you are looking at is actually three layers of diapers to stop the former Chief Executive from pissing on his own feet — in a literal instead of the usual figurative fashion.

  25. D Bone says:

    Really? Dave is gay? Never would have guessed…

  26. D Bone says:


    I mean… He's not wrong.

  27. D Bone says:

    The hilarious thing is: As soon as James set up Bezos' announcement I got an ad for Amazon.

  28. Hamfists Man says:

    It's his diaper.

  29. Stuart Ewoldt says:

    I haven't watched tv in yrs but this show is on the lighter side of propaganda. So glad I haven't

  30. Stuart Ewoldt says:

    James Corden just made a joke that was just like saying ( round up all the gays and put them on a island ). So I guess that I only have to be sensitive to issues they are sensitive to and all others I can be like nothing's changed. Oh I can just be a self virtuous hypocrite

  31. Mark San Diego says:

    Joe doesn’t mine joining a partisan gop?!?!

  32. Mark San Diego says:

    That’s ok make them lie

  33. DIV says:

    Her name is Ling Yah guys!

  34. Hana Marie Knight says:

    Offer people who dont want the vaccine the virus lol

  35. Joe Weis says:


  36. Sky426 Cok says:

    You are creepy..or gay.. probably both

  37. Better Half Conversations says:

    This show was cool until insisting a choice is no longer a choice. Not cool.

  38. Leda Cedar says:

    that weird chair dance is so unimpressive! and you get paid dam good money for less then spectacular; while Amerikkka ignores the deadly hate in Canada #Massgraves while both #Trudeau & #Pope avoid taking responsibility to #HealTheHarms.

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