TSA Hiring Process Explained In 7 Steps

***The views and opinions expressed on this channel are my own and do not reflect the views of my current or former employer. This is for informational purposes only. I’m not a government spokesperson***

If you’re like me then you probably applied to the TSA as a foot in the door to the Federal Government. 10 years ago the Federal hiring process was a mystery to me and everyone claims to have to magic formula. Stop paying people for useless advice or listening to those who have never been through the process. No one internally can get you hired to make any recommendations to get you “in”. That’s NOT how it works!!!!!!!

Here I have explained my experience with the hiring process and what really happens during each step. I took me close to 2 years to get hired. I left in 2013 for a promotion to a different Federal agency. This job is whatever you want it to be. Its a career, retirement gig, or if you’re me it’s a foot in the door.

I am using my channel to help those going through tough times during this recession with career advice and also talking about my own experiences from the 2008 recession and what I learned from them. I will also share stories of what i have experienced while holding my Federal jobs, especially at the TSA. I have a LOT of TSA stories, enough to cover 2 years worth of videos. I provide career advice for both private and public sector. I have been a career counselor and mentor for the last 5 years.

If you want one-on-one career prep, resume help and interview prep then please reach out to me by email or post a comment on the video. I do not charge for my help. I am good at what I do and I don’t have any interest in money.

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39 thoughts on “TSA Hiring Process Explained In 7 Steps”

  1. is this a good career to work while being pregnant? Are they willing to work around pregnancy appointments & do you know if they have paid maternity leave?

  2. Hi, it is very useful information!! But I have a question since you apply the job in may 2010 and finally get the offer in July 2011. Is it common to take up to a year to be hired? Thank you sooooo much!

  3. I just got invited to a Virtual airport assessment today and I’m nervous about what they’re going to ask. And I’m very much nervous about the credit check! My owe taxes student loans etc. will this disqualify me?

  4. Just curious after the ready pool status and you get an email with the instructions – do they give you time to give notices at current jobs and relocate to your new domicile ? Also will they allow you to choose training dates and such ?

  5. I also got a remote interview invitation for when I get off my shift, I told her I work from 1800 till 0600 so please disregard my appearance 🙂
    I'm a little nervous 🙂

  6. Whas gud bruh..how yrs do they go back on background check? & do you need to have security license issued by the mayor to work like a S.P.O.? (Special Police Officer)

  7. Im considering leaving post office for this what do you think it seem like same job quality just different job types

  8. Hi Can you please tell me why i didnt pass my airport assesment interview?? i was interviewed by 2 ladies via WEBEX Virtually and they ask me some questions related to my job, i dont totally understand why i got a NQ meaning not qualified i cant believe about this when i have been working in the same kind of work as TSA do in the Airports but i work in the main courthouse of the county where i live, iam very familiar with all the equipment like XRAYS METAL DETECTORS WANDING PEOPLE WHEN THEY BEEP AND GIVING DIRECTION AND IN GENERAL working with the public and working in team, i am very knowledgeable of what we do but however they disqualify me at this point in the airport assesment interview could you please tell me why did this happen? and if i can still be hirable for TSA after this disqualification Thank you so much

  9. I just applied to EWR for TSO. I plan to work FT during college. Is this doable? Im using it as a step into federal jobs so I can go to the USSS after college. What is the hardest part of this whole process to you?

  10. I'm waiting to be contacted for the airport assessment. What kind of questions do they ask at the interview?

  11. Fazle, incredible video. You explained each step in great detail. I recently applied to EWR here in NJ and I was selected to take my computer-based test. What kinds of questions do they ask during the federal interview? Thank you!

  12. What do you do now? Are you still doing TSA? What are the career opportunities past after TSA my goal is to make 60k-100k a year, i currently have an associates and am thinking about getting bachelors

    Thanks in advance for answer and for this video

  13. How long does the medical portion part take along with the background check?
    Will me being ex military police help speed up the process?

  14. hi..
    brother i am currently working in bahrain and i want to join tsa unfortunately i dont have a u.s citizentship can i apply for this job

  15. Your Videos are really helpful! I’m
    Now @36% started feb 21. Been on freeze for 2 months after completing the 1157 package for selective services exemption. Your input regarding this failure to register, even if its unknowing or its not willfully. Got my naturalization without being informed about it, at 26.

  16. I’ve been going through the hiring process for 25 months rite after I passed my medical/drug test they shut down the candidate dashboard website and said the new one would launch April 5, however the new site is still not up yet and all I need left it’s my background check. Almost there but it’s been a long journey.

  17. I can assure you that you need more than a pulse. I'm in my early 50's and had triple bypass surgery 3 years ago and although my doctor has approved me to return to my job that required working 12 hours and walking up to 8 miles a day. The TSA is determined to disqualify me even though I had easily passed stress test that they required for my medical appeal. This is a job I know I could easily do. Every time I jump through one of their hoops, they just find some technicality to not allow the results from the test. I find it pathetic that a government organization that should be setting the example is obviously discriminating.

  18. Steps have changed a little bit, it's now application received, CBT, CJO, SService, AA, Med/Drug, background, ready pool, Final job offer, Entry on duty, Welcome to tsa.

  19. Hi, is their any specifications in countries that the candidates must belongs to ?? And how do i apply for and am i eligible for it ? I have 7 years of IT experience in India, my graduation is electronics and communication engineering. Please help.

  20. Yes, Faz, I will follow instructions. Your video helped me a lot, and I will watch more of your videos. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  21. I'm heading to my "Airport Assessment" in Kona Hawaii this Wednesday. (Its in an office building near a Costco a couple miles from the Airport ) I passed my CBT almost 2 years ago! I'm pretty sure the Pandemic added a year to my process! I think the process has changed somewhat since you tested, I completed my credit check, e86, Selective Service forms right after my contingent offer, and then WAITED. Thanks for your videos, they are helping me prepare for the assessment!

  22. Im ex-military but my Medical do not meet guide line somehow ? Maybe i put down that i take some mental pill from VA ?

  23. Hi I recently applied to a tsa position. It said they were accepting applications until 6/15. Does that mean they had positions available? Or would it be the same process?

  24. Thank you .. I have an upcoming assessment and felt nervous about the interview but some how your video is easing my nerves. I’m still a little anxious about the questions but hopefully they won’t be too brutal

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