TSA Process

My full TSA process from start to finish.


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41 thoughts on “TSA Process”

  1. Ethan Russell says:

    Question: I only got the email for the e86 through e-QIP. Did that already come with the OF-306 or do I get a separate email to do that?

  2. Billy Bucks says:

    How long untill ya first check? Reg New Job Process 2-3 weeks?

  3. Allen Shipman says:

    4 ads and not even half way through………..

  4. Joseph Carter says:

    Is it paid training for the 2 weeks in georgia? also i applied at the columbus ohio airport and waiting on my AA. do i train 4 weeks at the airport i applied?

  5. Billy Bucks says:


  6. ed flores says:

    is there anithing i can study for my cbt test

  7. José Pimentel says:

    Hey how many question the x ray part of the exams have?

  8. Polo Joe TV says:

    TSA Process- Part 6 UP NOW!

  9. Fatashe Hicks says:

    I’ve been placed in the ready pool 2 weeks ago. Will the ready pool have a check mark on it before or after you receive a job offer? Also do you know if they are continuing with the hiring process bc of this virus?

  10. Chun Li says:

    Do they make you get undressed for the physical?

  11. Joe Thomp says:

    Been in the Ready Pool since Nov 2019 until now. Getting a little nervous that I haven’t heard anything since then. Keeping the faith though.

  12. moises ledesma says:

    I wanna apply for TSA, but I'm a college student ,If I apply and get hired can I choose to go to the academy on the summer?

  13. moises ledesma says:

    If I apply for TSA and get a job, that would help me for my future career (in the hiring process)? , Wanna be a Border Patrol

  14. moises ledesma says:

    In the hiring process they talk to your friends, relatives and ex couple's?

  15. Martin Ashurov says:

    Do you have to be citizen ? Thanks for ur answer

  16. Keimaa Adoree says:

    Hey going through the academy do you get mased?

  17. Alex Lucy says:

    Do they check your medical history?

  18. Polo Joe TV says:


  19. Dev Ali says:

    I was in the ready pool for so long, I went and got my damn CDL. Been an OTR driver bout two years now smh

  20. David Gonzalez says:

    I graduate in May from college when in advance do I need to apply?

  21. Joseline says:

    I heard you mention there’s a 2 week training in GA & a 4 week on the job training what is the difference between the 2 exactly? & are you in GA for 6 straight weeks or do you fly out to GA 2 diff times for each training?

  22. Beautified Pro says:

    Does anyone know how I can get a certificate for tsa ? By the department of homeland security

  23. Trevon Ivy says:

    Requirements to pass the credit check ?

  24. Joie landmesser says:

    To be honest I rather be a police officer then tsa cause standing up all day screening rude passengers is not my thing and can be boring but driving all day as an officer is my thing

  25. bearded dragon man says:

    How much they pay?

  26. Sheila Sanders says:

    Where can I find a Free Practice Test my exam is 9 February.

  27. Oscar V says:

    what drugs does the drug test , test lol

  28. Tasha Strawder says:

    Do they allow visible tattoos or can they be covered ?

  29. Matthew Whittaker says:

    Hello we’ve talked in the passed, I reapplied and have passed everything so far. I’m at the medical evaluation phase. What should I expect, do I pretty much have the job and how hard is training in GA? Thanks.

  30. R Chat says:

    If you applied for different places, you only have to do one Airport Assessment?

  31. Everything Blessed says:

    Hey quick question, I took the test before Nd failed . gotta take the test again but I just been trying to study more . With this X-ray . Do u have any study guide sites I can use ?

  32. ecute rocks says:

    I don’t have any credit score, no link with banks, nothing.. (First time applying) will I still be accepted or not?

  33. Soy Feliz says:

    The sf 86 can I print the empty version and fill it in pen and then scan al those 133 pages, or do they want all those 133 in computer?

  34. Hello Hunter says:

    Was the color test the flip book? With the dots and you have to find the numbers? Or was it the one where you organize the colors by shade ?

  35. Matthew Whittaker says:

    Passed medical but they updated their candidate dashboard, now I can’t see my progress and they aren’t taking calls because of COVID. I’m Pretty much in limbo.

  36. pillow 4 says:

    Is there a limit to apply for tsa

  37. Allison Newcomb says:

    Thank you, for your information with TSA.

  38. Freedom Speaks says:

    Do they simply check the employers and addresses that you provide or do they dig??

  39. Justin Humphreys says:

    Well, being a E86, that explains the timing. Good thing to know they do those because I wasn’t expecting it’ll take a long time knowing clearance backgrounds take forever. Was expecting and hoping for it to be a quicker process. I just put in app where I live and taking test Friday. Hopefully I can pass the computer test! LOL

    Thanks for the info

  40. courtney simmons says:

    Was the interview difficult

  41. Peralta Jose says:

    Would being overweight disqualify me when doing the medical evaluation?

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