Tuesday, June 8

Actress Jennie Garth joins Wendy to dish about Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story on Lifetime.

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 8”

  1. Clayton Derby says:

    I need a Norman in my life…. someone to fact check everything in a second. sounds handy haha. gotta appreciate Norman!

  2. Iyawo Monife says:

    They took down the entire Monday episode! I guess because of Mariah. I didn’t get to see it

  3. T says:

    I like looking at the audience's masks, am I the only one…?

  4. Milana Campbell says:

    Can wendy please do a show on her plastic surgery so we can see where her scars are? looks flawless but we all know that body was surgically built.

  5. global concern says:

    They want the risks because they have so much, that they are bored.

  6. global concern says:

    Something's wrong with Scott!

  7. Audiomajik says:

    Why is Wendy trying to remote manage people with better careers than her? Mariah doesn't need career advice from Wendy. Wendy is still copping Lady M's style, too. Norman draws a line when it comes to Mariah!

  8. M.A. Buendía HD says:

    Yesterday's show is blocked in my country. Can't watch it. Anyone else?

  9. E trains f train says:


  10. Kfountain says:

    Wendy you need to apologize to SussOne

  11. Sandra Fernandez says:

    Wendy, Lavanya and Kevin will make a cute couple..JUST SAYING?

  12. Insect Chart says:

    Wendy giving Mariah Carey vibes!! And would like that NAS t-shirt

  13. Pet 46 says:

    Fujjjjj no francekiss

  14. My Travels says:

    Wendy, you are looking great these days!

  15. ChrisS says:

    He maybe a billionaire but he's definitely not attractive

  16. Eddie Walker says:

    I'm sure everyone noticed the girl in the green dress first lmao

  17. Jasmine Fletcher says:

    I want this whole look

  18. Charley Martinez-Rodriguez says:

    Hot topics was horrible

  19. Misty Universe says:

    She did what she did. The bad thing is you telling everybody else how to do it

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