Tuesday, June 8

Actress Jennie Garth joins Wendy to dish about Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story on Lifetime.

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 8”

  1. I need a Norman in my life…. someone to fact check everything in a second. sounds handy haha. gotta appreciate Norman!

  2. They took down the entire Monday episode! I guess because of Mariah. I didn’t get to see it

  3. Can wendy please do a show on her plastic surgery so we can see where her scars are? looks flawless but we all know that body was surgically built.

  4. Why is Wendy trying to remote manage people with better careers than her? Mariah doesn't need career advice from Wendy. Wendy is still copping Lady M's style, too. Norman draws a line when it comes to Mariah!

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