Twin Flame Reunion Stages [10 TWIN FLAME STAGES / PHASES]

Twin flame stages [or twin flame phases] can be a confusing topic because it is often presented as a linear progression. Usually, twin flame reunion stages are explained in this order: 1) twin flames longing for one another before meeting, 2) twin flames “glimpsing” each other in some way, 3) twin flames meeting in the physical world, 4) the twin flame “love bubble”, 5) twin flames triggering each other, 6) twin flames running and chasing + potentially separating, 7) twin flames surrendering to the connection and 8) twin flame reunion.

While I resonate with these stages, I also believe it is not necessarily the same progression for every twin flame couple. At times, twin flames can seem to flip back and forth between a few of the “stages” – even moment to moment. For example, twin flames often have several “love bubble” phases and then ego may become triggered and trip them into the “running/chasing” phase. This is just one example of many showing that every twin flame journey is entirely unique and based upon your soul intentions with one another that are created prior to incarnating here in this life. I hope this video provides some guidance or clarity for you in some way. ❤︎ – Infinity ∞


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34 thoughts on “Twin Flame Reunion Stages [10 TWIN FLAME STAGES / PHASES]”

  1. If he pushes u away tome and again and then comes back… could he still be TF? I have not felt anger for once and just feel intense feeling of belonging even though we have just met once in year and a half.

  2. 4 years of not being able to forget this man…. 2 days ago i woke up at 3am in a panic and in my head i heard, "he's engaged. He bought her an engagement ring." And my heart sank bc i just knew and sure enough the next day i saw his karmic had posted the photos of their engagement party. And there he is STILL with an empty look in his eyes that's he's had the whole 2 years they've been together. I'm currently going through a dark night of the soul, crying incessantly, feeling like my heart will shrink and split open at any given point bc of the pain…..i know i have to throw all this energy into betterinh myself, but i feel like I've lost him for good and it's an UNBEARABLE, excruciatingly scary feeling.

  3. Thank you so much. This deeply resonates. I'm just starting into the surrender phase as my tf is moving back across the country in a few days after several incredible months together….I have so much faith that we'll reconnect again, I just hope sooner than later.

  4. Hello Infinity,
    You are a gift my dear…
    This was so helpful, knowing what I have been experiencing emotionally 24/7 since the first time I met Gabby/ my Miss Senorita Gabriella. In fact it started before I even opened the door for my first appointment with my new my cardiologist in 2017. Looking back,
    it began as I approached the four story building in which this office is located.
    Being keenly intuitive, I was aware
    I would meet someone very special.
    I had no idea about Twin Flames then, but only learned this spring 2021 when I lost all contact with her.
    My Sweet Lord God! My oh my!!! what devastating emotional pain.
    I hadn't cried so hard in my entire life, except when my beloved sister, Carla Denise Salinas Simmons
    was murdered during an attempted sexual assault on 11/29/1999.
    It was this pain of having no way to contact Gabby, simular to no longer being able to ever see my sister Carla again.; The pain of which is hell itself… that led me to you..
    Yet! In order to survive I had to assimilate this pain 100%, so as to fully honor this immense love…
    (Just as I did after Carla's murder.)
    This led me to you, and others, whereby I learned about my own Piscian attributes, as well as Gabby's Aquarian attributes;
    also Soul Mates & Twin Flames.
    It was months of going through the "Dark Night of The Soul" thinking Gabriella was gone forever, and that I meant/mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to her, that caused my extremely profound Spiritual knowledge to expand EVEN MORE in my personal Growth, understanding, self being…
    Truely knowing Gabby and I have never ever really been seperate, nor shall we ever be. This knowing was born and revealed through my own true unconditional love for her…
    So liberating…
    (Even though I still experience moments where I feel like I am literally dying…)
    This must be the "death of the ego…"
    You just spoke of : )
    Thank you dear…
    God Bless you sister Infinity
    Joseph S.
    02/19/57… my birthday. ; )

  5. Hello, Infinity…Do you have any podcasts concerning the physical death of a Twin Flame? Especially when both Twin Flames did not make it past the Chaser/Runner phase because of egos and past wounds? I was not aware of Twin Flames until mine passed due to not getting past the Dark Night. He was feeling all of these life changing psychic movements, but did not know how to reach out and communicate with me. After much introspection, I realize both of us let egos and past wounds prevent us from reunion in this 3D life. I am now more in contact with him now than I ever was previously. These lessons are difficult and heart wrenching to know that they kept us from each other in this life.

  6. I feel he is my twin flame, but what if I'm wrong? I am at the point of "Let go". Most of what I have heard he is my Twin Flame but who knows? I've dreamt of him in exactly the situation he was in at the time. I always know when I'm going to hear from him. There is more but could it be true?'

  7. I have met my twin flame A A Michael showed me who she was as I have been 4 years in this as it has been very difficult in coping with as I am needing to let go for the healing of us separated from each other . Amen

  8. There is spark that accured in myjourneyi was asked by spirit if I would share my 98 month journey

  9. This is so deep. I was never really religious or spiritual untill now. I know meeting the right woman can totally open your eyes. You will literally change overnight for your person. It makes you feel kinda crazy. Like you can just meet this person and fall so deeply hard on your face. It kinda freaks me out because I'm not like this

  10. Hi infinity, I met my twin flame 15 years ago. I didn't know what twin flames were back then, but when I met her I felt the strongest connection that I have ever felt. I was in a karmic relationship with someone else for most of that time. My karmic partner passed away 4 years ago. I started chasing my twin flame again last year, and I just heard of twin flames for the very first time just several months ago. Now that I consciously realize that I'm on a spiritual journey, I have chosen you to be my guide. I cannot thank you enough for hosting this channel and for all of your enlightenment.

  11. Maybe a year or so before meeting my TF, I dreamt of this meeting of me with a guy who took me for our first date, and made me feel so loved and special. On the actual meeting, it was just the resembles of what I dreamt of, exactly what I saw, bit by bit. Can't believe, I saw that coming. And just like the dream, we're now in separation. Let's see what comes next.

  12. I'm 32 and my twin flame is 16. What do I do?

    We mirror each other. She reads my thoughts. I feel her period pains. When she gets upset, I feel it. When I get upset, she immediately knows. I asked her to draw a picture of our connection and she drew the same picture as me. We both drew a bubble with an arrow shooting out towards both of us separately at the same time.

    I'm not being a weirdo. I'm being serious. This girl has mended so many wounds. This is our third encounter. I absolutely love her. I adore her. I'd do anything for her.

    It's not romantic. It's not sexual. But the connection we share is so deep. It's hard to socially express this connection because everyone screams abuse. But my path in this life is expression, I NEED to speak with her, tell her how I feel, explain myself to her.

    She accepts it. She is okay. She welcomes it. But man… The world around me.

    I'm choosing between my career and my spiritual path. Well, it's hardly a choice, but that awareness is troubling. I'm aware of what I'm doing. I'm aware of what others see. I'm aware of how I appear.


    I don't want to live this life again. I don't.

    I don't.

  13. Glad I finally finished listening to this. Spot on as usual Infinity. It all resonated. I hope I’m in the last separation from my DM. I just simply miss him.

  14. I'm in separation, change started when I thought I was healing and met my twin flame who showed me I was long far from being healthy. This threw me into working on living me truly. It hurts sometimes to be separated but slowly an accepting that separation is perception. We are not separated, I feel him and he feels me. I love him more every day.

  15. Btw thank you for all the information you share. Acceptance was big for me, the more we resist the fact that we need self work the harder it is.

  16. Right now I am at the "Telepathic Conecction" Phase, if there is such a thing… We are stil at some distance, one from the other, but we are constantly exchanging thoughts and feelings without the need of any internet connection!

  17. I feel like I am just finishing with the chaser/ runner stage, trying to trust and simply show unconditional love and give space to allow my TF to come to me when he wishes too

  18. I'm in the final stage and I was the chaser. The pain I needed to endured so I could grow was absolutely PAINFUL.

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