Tyler Henry's "Hollywood Medium" Predictions That Came True | E!

Over four seasons, E!’s young clairvoyant has accurately read celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Snooki, Heather Dubrow and even the late Alan Thicke. Watch!

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
Medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive –Tyler Henry has an undeniable gift that he’s ready to share with the world. Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he brings messages from the beyond to Hollywood celebrities, delivers jaw-dropping readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on, all while balancing his unique abilities with trying to be a regular millennial. Tyler is the most sought after medium in Hollywood!

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Tyler Henry’s “Hollywood Medium” Predictions Came True | Hollywood Medium | E!


41 thoughts on “Tyler Henry's "Hollywood Medium" Predictions That Came True | E!”

  1. I wish the average Joe could get a reading but he's likely thousands. He seems good. Nice too

  2. You could tell that was not with Chloe wanted to hear. She look like she was ready to knock his head off

  3. O my goodness here we go again he never cared about you it was a pay day OK He had no money and Cleveland Ohio didn't won't him or you in Cleveland so that it growup get a life life is Real there's slot of women out there with great body's and you are to old for him

  4. The lady in Bali told Khloé she was having and would have a lot of heartache surrounding this relationship. This was before the Jordyn incident but after the trimester scandal.

  5. God condemns in the Bible many times, consulting mediums, psychics, astrologers, tarot and all of the occult instead of God Who alone knows the truth in all matters. Consult God alone in all matters in prayer. and for guidance in your life.

  6. Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved, only Jesus Christ.
    God is the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit all at once always. HE is the One True Living God of all creation.
    Repent (be sorry) for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior Who died to pay for them. By believing that, Jesus Christ came down here from heaven (God on earth) and He was born one of us, and He dwelt among us, and He gave us His perfect sinless life, and He died on the cross and resurrected from the dead, to pay for and to save us from our sins, to reconcile us with God, and to give us eternal life with Him, and after resurrecting from the dead, He lived on earth for forty more days, then He ascended back up into heaven and He is coming back again at the end of this world and everyone will see Him and be judged by Him. There is no condemnation in those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior believing He took their sins away. Pray (talk) to God and read the Bible everyday. : )

  7. I wish Tyler could just say that the man you are seeing is not the right man for you. Khloe is just in denial.

  8. Tyler could not look Alan Thicke in the eye when he was speaking about passing due to a heart or bp problem. I bet he knew already that this man will be passing away.

  9. Khloe really girl you needed a sicate to tell you Tristan been cheating on you you are pathetic and sorry move on you are an imbalanced silly girl that needs to grow up n deal with not being with Tristan you don't see Tristan first baby mama acting a fool like you when you cheated with Tristan you knew he had a baby on the way your a spiteful girl

  10. Why do people believe this nonsense? A human is going to predict the future. He googled them before the reading.

  11. Looking at the comments here which really, include a cross section from every point of this spectrum of appreciation of this Tyler person from people who enjoy watching the entertainment it provides, to being full of gratitude and lauding his lame as an example of a selfless person which already is so 180° opposite what a reasonable person should conclude when scrutinizing a character like his, all the way to just brainwashed sycophantic support no exception, no questions asked. I went through so so many actually and don't think I saw even one single negative comment much less anything near a complete and absolute condemnation for his chosen way to behave and support himself in life.

    Many of you are young and I know, you, as in the Millennial and Z Generations, suffer constant judgement from those of us hailing from Generation X and our parents, the Boomers…and I know that we have a million pieces of documentation proving that it is simply a naturally occurring behavior throughout all of recorded history that one generation ages and eventually becomes a critic of those who follow and their cultural expressions and fashion and music yadda yadda yadda. You know the, "back in my day," and, "you call that drama/music/literature/a respectably tailored tunic!?!?" Yes, that has always been a thing. In fact it's fun to go back and read the many artifacts which survive from ancient times through the dark ages, the Renaissance up through today that show this…my favorite are some college boys' letters back in the twelfth or thirteenth century sent to these good, well groomed, noble, and behaved boys from Mom and Dad who are furious after hearing about what is going on at university and they say oh, you keep meeting up in amputheaters listening to this revolutionary philosopher or this religious theologist and their crazy new ideas, you call that philosophy? That they're one screw up away from losing financial support since they spent all Saturday night at a pub getting drunk then smashed their new travel wagon to pieces driving it home all drunk and racing some other boys. Father James has said that he rudely falls asleep in class every day. Or don't come home crying to mama when you catch the French disease as she hears he spends all of his parchment and ink coin on getting prostitutes and beer. I mean, the majority of the time yes it always happens so but it's also almost truly meaningless in the end…the music may be very different but it never really did lead to the destruction of civilization. Women having the nerve and being filthy minded enough to wear pants didn't bring about the end of the world as they said it would just one to two generations before the Boomers and the Roaring 20s/Gilded Age kids. I would propose though that the things that have so drastically changed from X to Millennials and Z kids however are for one of the first times where their side is literally and fundamentally WRONG no matter how you slice or dice it. I hope at the least people would agree with me that there are actual right and wrong answers to some of these things like racism for example and it is evident to all of us that sure, our ancestors did horrible things to other people. But we also have the logic and honesty and better sense to recognize every people and for every bit of the last few thousand years did the same thing and nothing sets one aside from the other. Example, your generation mistakes the fact that white having black slaves was the most recent and memorable horrific practice doesn't make it worse just easier to recall in the grand scheme of things. Just as it does not matter to you due to your indoctrination that especially Muslim nation's still practice slavery and actually still go to Africa, happened just six months ago 5 were found dead from exhaustion when Tunisian and Saudi slave traders kidnapped about 300 Africans who were simple but dwelling tribal people they chased out of the bushes and villages and grabbed them, chained their feet, and Marched them three days to the ocean loading them on boats to be sold at a famous slave market, those specifically being sold at Riyadh's. For the same reason, it also does nothing to squash the hatred for whites or suggestion it is their character to enslave or colonize when history is quite clear that while yes the last major slave industry before the slave trade of our present time which is predominately Arab Muslims trading blacks and Asians, you had the American, Dutch and British people trading. But if you look at history as a whole, you get an accurate picture which your generation is trained to ignore or refuse to accept but by high and large, slavery is something practiced mostly byba huge majority by either Chinese Orientals or Black Africans. And for over two thousand years, Black Africans have even used white Europeans in slave trades. Funny they leave out the fact that it is believed that today in May of 2021, more white Europeans are enslaved by blacks in Africa than there were black slaves TOTAL in the entire 300 or so years of the American slave trade. I wonder why that is, couldn't be because the entire black community and majority of those generations targeted will bend immediately to the political will of the REAL slave drivers (those few people and families who bought, stole, scammed or by other means were handed over one country's minting rights to have the money those countries deal with not made or controlled by the country but a private company which has no benefit, a million crushing consequences, and now that all but I think two or three remaining nations exist on Earth who have not yet sold their economy to whatever the company calls itself but as a whole is some kind of Rothschild family central banking system running on fractional reserve lending which is thee most destructive, violent, world wide doom assuring, violating, crime against humanity so evil and vile a system that it has made that company and family rich and powerful enough to make it so they're they most wicked enemy of humanity ever and nobody even recognizes it? Power and welath enough they literally dictate every move on Earth without resistance and have gotten there simply by buying the education system and constantly making sure there is enough hate between the people they can snap a finger and make it all look like one has done the other side wrong even tho they have been behind every conflict themselves on both sides). In a single event, half the time not even real but filmed on a Hollywood stage somewhere, one moment they can make an entire group of people get aggressive, violent, burn, loot, murder, do anything to get revenge on white people and even whites from those generations buying the ridiculous one sided carefully snipped out of context misrepresented "truth." That truth plus a few buzz words and phrases the schools make sure to say, they send to the television news to start saying (you know like cultural appropriation a morons concept, systemic racism, reparation, inequity, implicit bias, fascism, white nationalist terror, etc.) can turn entire générations insane and see they dedicate their lives and entire heart behind a set up, a frame, a staged influence…oh how could they!? No way don't believe it. Um maybe because it gives them all that force and man power and control and obedience without the real slave drivers even having to get off the couch!? Nah, absolute power? Couldnt be why…Nobody ever wanted that and was willing to do anything deceive anyone…(continued below…)

  12. Crook crook and crook. This is why he ask where he live, this is why he talk extera explantion

  13. She’s so dumb and desperate. He cheated on her again and this bimbo is still with him. I no longer feel bad for her, she obviously likes being a doormat. Let’s just call her Matt.

  14. love the way this medium politely looks down and appears to be in discomfort when the client is in denial, Alan Thicke died of a heart attack shortly after sitting with this medium at the age of 69, Thicke should have listened to the medium or could the medium have been more forceful in his messaging?

  15. He said just remember what um saying "there will be opportunities" and she brought it back to travel…

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