U.S. Embassy Insider on the Do's and Don'ts of U.S. Visas

Do it right! Wondering about applying for a U.S. visa? Have questions you would like answered about the U.S. visa application process? Want to know how to use your U.S. visa correctly and help to combat fraud in the process? Watch this episode of #USEmbassyInsider on the Do’s and Don’ts of U.S. visas.


43 thoughts on “U.S. Embassy Insider on the Do's and Don'ts of U.S. Visas”

  1. My elderly grandma just wanted to transit usa to reach Jamaica yet she was declined 2 TIMES !!!!!!!!! HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU DENY A US VISA FOR A 75 YEAR OLD WOMEN !!!!!!!

  2. Weve been approved our k1 visa jan14 waiting for case number to be send by nvc through email so I can track my case when its ready I schedule my medical and interview. Praying to God that I will be approve soon. God bless all of consular officers I know how hard their work to decide when they allow someone to enter USA.

  3. I got denied twice from the US Embassy and now I am so scared to try again. It was a devastating experienced. I dunno i got all the supporting documents and it's not like I want to ruin my reputation as an i dividual that could affect me in the future for staying in the US illegally.

  4. Should i have atleast have a business if not employed?in order to get my tourist visa approved?what if financing the tour is not the problem at all?

  5. I stay in a bad economy where the bank system has collapsed but i do get paid in cash , with no paper trail at all how do i prove to you that i actually do have an income

  6. If you don’t want to tourist in us why you allowed philippines people to apply a tourist visa .

  7. Sana sa online palang sinasabe na nila kung Hindi ka pwd maka kuha ng visa para Hindi gumastos at mag sayang ng oras sa us embassy.

  8. Am confused about this visa interview issue cuz once you speak the truth, the will refused you a visa and once you want to give details the will refused you visa,,for me its just base on luck not interview, ,

  9. I just wanna ask if can i apply a tourist visa.im just a ofw working now in oman ,i will have a 2 months bacation from my work and i wanna go to US for vacation and meet my friend.is it possible to have a visa and what is the requirements?

  10. The consulate didn't even bother to look at me and my documents, even if i mention my grandmother is a native American

  11. What i don't get my cousins got multiple entry visa while they're only students sponsored by my uncle while i already work and where on the same age bracket, and same status in life that's so not fare

  12. I have my 10year multiple visa, i want to get my 3kids a US Visa also, what should be the requirements? is it possible to get the eldest first?

  13. What ia AMERICA.? They give better life for filipino wants to work thr.?!! Or tourist.!? For me if i give better life my family i will not go to AMERICA.! It's better i go to RUSSIA, filipino are most welcome thr and legal documents to work thr russian people are not criticizing asian specially filipinos. Russian people are so good they happy if thrs a filipino thr coz they learned english why filipino speak english.!

  14. I have to say all of this advice sounds wonderful. What takes place when you have the interview, is very different. I've taken documentation to demonstrate strong ties but this was refused or deemed unnecessary by the CO.

  15. We tried applying twice, the first time when I’m still in college still studying, yet denied the interviewer said try again next time and gave us a paper stating that WE MIGHT STAY LONGER like wtf!? I’m still studying currently enrolled. We applied September so that we can spend christmas to new year in the states, mind you were in a guided tour, but still denied. The second apply was 2017 we would like to try again together with my neice and nephew, complete documents with affidavit of support and concent, still denied! The visa processing fee is no joke! It is really expensive! US embassy in the philippines is really a joke, we’ve been to countries that issues visa especially europe. I think approving and denying is depending on the mood of the consul. Not even 3mins the consul will deny you without asking question.

  16. My US Visa application interview process experience was very organized and efficient. Thanks and God bless.

  17. … Dan you said you have a lot of information .. Do you know how many return back home and who stays in the US illegally ?

  18. Let me give u tips how to immediately made the consular loves you and get your visa approved..

    1. Speaks in American accent
    2. Be cool, not despo
    3. Dress like American businesman and wear expensive watches
    4. Answer question in an american way

    With these tips will make them feel comfortable just like how they communicate with their fellow american but not with an outsider

  19. Sir can I ask why o denied if I have ah contract Ang cw1 visa.my first time I apply there give a blue paper and I apply again and then I request the interpreter for i need to know what is the question bcoz last the I do my best to speak English but is not enough for the officer this the I request for Tagalog but there are again problem I don't know the problem sir,maam

  20. I spend money for all but I don't understand what there want to answer to the question.i do my best to the question and i try my best to answer but I denied again there give me a blue paper again

  21. I have a B1/B2 visa. What is the process for changing the status to work visa?? And/or Nanny Visa?

  22. can an applicant be denied a visa if she does not answer the interview questions correctly even if the inquiries show that the marriage is genuine?

  23. Sir I over stay here in the Philippines.,I have immigrant visa can I go back to USA now?I went home here last Aug.2019..

  24. Thank you both you! really a wonderful! question answer portion regarding each concern on different visas type…

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