Uber Background Check- Layoff!

Yep, I was laid off from Uber. The reason? They had to run another background check. I’m all for safety and making sure there are quality Uber drivers on the road, but this process is not good (it can take weeks). I REALLY feel bad for the Uber drivers this effects whose primary (or only) source of income is Uber.

The background check process is slow and cumbersome, when it really should be handled in a much more efficient and respectful way. It seems that Uber and their background check consultant company (Checkr) do not share information. This process needs to be streamlined, and happen in the background WHILE DRIVERS ARE STILL ABLE TO DRIVE! I’m glad to be able to drive again (I have gone out a handful of times since I recorded this), but I wish this hadn’t transpired.


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26 thoughts on “Uber Background Check- Layoff!”

  1. Man that happened to me two days ego. Just starting the year whit out job
    How long you think is gonna take ?

  2. I have a video Checkr ran this guys into it was the wrong person so he was Deactivated over someone else Background

  3. They did that to me over when I was 20 I had a accident no was hurt I just went in a ditch lol they had to recheck it but I was able to take rides

  4. People stop all the Bolani Bull crap sandwich, their plenty of jobs that pay 10.00/20 a hour out there in Good News America , problem is people are too lazy to do construction or start their own business that pay well if you focus on it , ubers is a illiterate job for people that came to America  crossing rio grande .

  5. Same thing happening to me right now.. as a full time Uber driver I’ve been off the road for about four days now.. here’s what happens, I was on my way dropping off rider when a message pop up on my app saying , we’re shutting you down because we need you to provide two form of identity, your SSN and passports or green card. I submitted that but since then they haven’t gotten back to me…

    I used to take it for granted when being told that Uber is not reliable. Now I’m learning it the hard way..
    I guess it’s about time to find that job and turn my back on Uber. LESSON LEARN!!!

  6. I had the exact same thing happen to me too. They rejected me because I got an item on my record for IMPROPER DISPLAY OF PLATES!!! How Uber considers that a safety issue is beyond me. 750 rides with 4.97 score and I get laid off. I did it as a hobby too. Luckily I have a full time job.

  7. I’m going through this right now. Yesterday morning they asked my social number for background check purpose. They ran it and even sent me a copy of my checkr clear background but my account is still on hold. Now I’m thinking that it has to do with my license that will expire in 14 days. However, it’s still valid DL and they shouldn’t do that without notice. This is my main gig and I’ll have to figure out what to do to get my mortgage paid since Uber don’t care!

  8. Do you know where I go to initiate the background ck.. I been w Uber 2 yrs and they want me to run the back ground ck but must go thru driver app and it's not working?

  9. I go through this because Uber give checker my old driver license which from other state and stop from work

  10. That sucks, that show how much Uber doesnt care about drivers, we should all get together and stop driving for a week and see how they like that

  11. Uber has a HORRIBLE process for getting this done! I’m a platinum pro driver with a 4.97 rating and Uber has done a number of background checks on me in the past with never a hiccup. My account has been frozen for a week now. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve told support exactly what you’re saying. THEY DON’T CARE!!

  12. I am trying to login checkr. But that say information I put does not match. But same information I put witch Uber have. Any help please

  13. When I went through this, I was lucky enough to actually get a representative from CheckR on the phone. I got lucky and she was really helpful. My background check had actually already passed several weeks before Uber suspended my account. They claimed my drivers license was fraudulent however CheckR and my local DMV sent Uber proof that my license was completely valid. Uber would not except my documentation and still made me wait through the process. I finally called driver support and ask them point-blank if they were suspending driver accounts because of the pandemic and the lack of riders. I was put on hold for three minutes and my account was reactivated. I recorded that phone call and one day when I’m done driving I will release that audio.

  14. Forget Uber I’m done with them, get Lyft much better I was a 5 star driver for Uber then They ask me for a background check that never ever ends Middle finger to Uber I quit you don’t get to lay me off I was one of the drivers that help y’all make money in the pandemic and this is the thanks I get I just deleted my Uber app and now I work for Lyft thanks for being there for me Lyft

  15. I have been waiting for over 36 days for background check to process. I have driven for uber for 3 yes. I am a 5 star driver. No help no answers and they don't care.

  16. Uber refused me a job because if dismissed case that happened in 2015, I was falsely accused of dui, cases was dismissed. To uber I'm a criminal.

  17. going through this right now, drove for past year and they decided to run it again and it started the 5th i still cant drive and its the 22nd.

  18. Yup. I'm in limbo and on hold as well. They said checker got it completed and they said its through their internal review dept on ubers side

  19. I've been driving since 2016. 2021 only year I've had this problem. Chekr does not have a request from uber fire a background check after 6 weeks. Worst run company ever.

  20. I drove for them five years ago and just bought a minivan to drive again. Two weeks into driving I get account blocked based on background, same one they saw five years ago!

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