State tightens background check for ride-sharing companies



  1. David Sincere says:

    I just like to know when they're going to start doing ride-share checks on the passengers? There's some real piece of work out there. That unfortunately really shouldn't have an Uber account.

  2. Lee Misiak says:

    Was that a man or a woman

  3. Gray says:

    I just want to know if that’s a male or female

  4. Ronald Weasley says:

    Your news organization is a crap you suck ass people who have been dismissed from not really bad crimes should be able to drive especially if you disabilities you dicks,thanks for ruining are country with your nazi socialistic views….assholes you have awoke a sleeping giant I will get protests started to fight this….

  5. Ronald Weasley says:

    You bias aholes

  6. Maui Makaio says:

    Does she annoy anyone else when she talks or just me?

  7. Beast Lawn maintenance says:

    Man fuck the driver the law dont care about them man well if one dies atleast the passenger made it out ok ain't that some bullshit

  8. Jakens Dieudonne says:

    But its Ok for drivers to pick up felons, people with fake names all kind of crazy people with no background check

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