Uber Driver Paying To Drive THIS FARE?!?

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Uber Driver Paying To Drive THIS FARE?!? A Uber driver’s earnings or pay is why we we become rideshare drivers to start with. Join RSG contributior Chris as he breaks down how taking a Uber trip somehow cause the driver’s account to go into the negative. This video on Uber has been produced by The Rideshare Guy.

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23 thoughts on “Uber Driver Paying To Drive THIS FARE?!?”

  1. Ripping off Drivers on Memorial Day weekend. How many will complain and how many will actually be refunded?

  2. Lyft keeps having streak bonuses disappear and then they say the streak bonuses never occurred.

  3. Uber and lift greed has no end. They have no mercy to sacrifice your car. Health and most your time to gain profit. They skinned passengers and gutted drivers to feed their greed. You eat instant noodles. Sleep in your car when uber and their investors live in mansion, fly private jet eat like king.

  4. Hi there, more than a week ago I accepted a ride request at around 1:45am that had minimum +$6 surge , actually the surge was the main reason I accepted the ride bcoz without that the trip pay would be so low that wouldn't be worth accepting the ride, so after I completed the trip I didnt get paid the $6 surge money , I called driver support they told me yes that's an issue that other drivers have been reporting it as well and they will compensate us soon as its fixed , but until now I didntget paid and I dont think I will.

  5. Why do they put everything on glitch when push comes to shove , don't they have any staff with commonsense or they are just trained to Ripp off drives?

  6. The Lyft app closes and goes offline after doing the 1st ride of a streak then have to start again

  7. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your fares and payouts. Specifically with Uber, I’ve noticed actual earnings don’t match your Wallet total, as toll reimbursement is only included in the latter. For Lyft, any long trip bonus is reflected in “rollover” earnings, but dashboard will have it included in total trip’s fare. Both platforms can be confusing & hard to track earnings and reimbursement, but it’s a must to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to. Haven’t had issues personally, but I’ve heard enough to not trust either one. And for tolls, always check if app navigation directs you to take a toll road to get to the pickup. Uber only reimburses tolls after passenger is in your vehicle, and I assume Lyft is the same. If app tells you to take a toll road to pickup, only use 3rd party navigation (just be sure to adjust settings to avoid toll roads).

  8. Uber purposely send Uber partners on far away trips, that take the Uber partners out of the areas that they go online in, making it difficult to meet the incentives quotas!!!

  9. This happened to me also and still not resolved. On 5/30 accept an $32+ reservation ride to the airport. It ended up paying me $2.91. I tried to dispute it via the app and of course it said the fare was calculated correctly. 5/31 called in to support to dispute it and of course then had to refer it up the ladder and apologized. Same day I got an email stating I would receive a $25 credit to my account for the inconvenience. Late 6/3 I receive an email stating that the issued regarding Reservations has been resolved and will not be a problem going forward. However I have not received the correct fare or the $25. 6/4 called support again, after being on hold for 15 mins, was then told I needed to be transferred to payments. Was then asked for the whole story which I thought was in the "notes". Bottom line agent confirmed I hadn't received the $25 I was promised. So she would "escalate" the issue to a "specialized" department. I'm one of those drivers that recently returned. And this might be another reason drivers are staying away.

  10. I couldn't imagine working a job where they constantly adjust your pay rate…

    Just for decency's sake, ridehare companies should maintain a consistent take rate for drivers. It is a huge negative to know your take rate is constantly fluctuating.

    Just my cheap two cents. /Shrug.

  11. Probably not considered a glitch but I got a flag stating a pax was concerned about my trip navigation route.. ??? Ahhh — I'm using the GPS that comes out of the Lyft app.. I'm being blamed for an issue that I have no control over..

  12. Another glitch/problem —
    I had a trip where the pickup was in an App dead zone.. After 5 minute wait, I was unable to " No Show" the pax because of no cell phone reception.. I drive to a better location and now I cannot void the ride because I am not close enough to the pickup location.. ??? I have to cancel the ride, meaning no pay, in order to free up my phone for another trip..
    Try taking that problem to Lyft for review.. If you cancel, there is no way to notice them that there is a problem with the system..

  13. It is weird to me, that uber pays a driver more money to cancel a ride on a passenger. That is after you arrive to the pickup location. Then to take the passenger to their location. W.T.F.

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