Uber says "No Job for You" – Background checks in the new Era. Background checks are changing.

Want to be a Uber Driver? Well, it will require a background check. Criminal Defense lawyer and former police officer Sudeep Bose of the Bose Law Firm explains a dangerous new trend in employment – the use of background checks by companies like Uber which take into account pending, unproven criminal cases in employment risk decisions. Background checks are changing and the trend is dangerous in the opinion of this former police officer.


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  1. I have the same issue with Lyft. They removed me from their platform for an incident"misdemeanor" that happened 21 years ago !!

  2. Lift deactivated me after 2 years of driving with a 4.95 rating because of 2 cases that got dismissed.

  3. Uber desactive my account after 2 years because I have tikets tha I take on 2015 but I'm pay on disenver 2018 so now because thos tikets show on my dmv record so uber dising desactive my account

  4. I have a change 6 years ago it said non marijuana guilty charge I don’t even know what I mean Lyfty decline me

  5. Hi been driving for Uber for 3years did the background check every year sometimes twice a year, but this year of 2019september Uber deactivate my account because I have record back in 2005 for 245 ,it's just funny because they do background check on driver but not passengers, you think I can do legal action base on that

  6. It may be unfair to deny employment for a pending charge but employers aren’t held to the same standard as government.
    If they overlook a charge and an Uber rider reports that the driver stole a $50,000 watch, to use an example outside of your client… and in addition, subsequently, the guy gets convicted… And Uber can be shown to have known about the pending charge… Yeah, they’re gonna be responsible for the cost of the watch at least…
    Not saying that your guy is guilty and I wish him well but if I was the person making the decision for Uber no way would I stick my neck out for someone who might be guilty. The people making these decisions have guidelines and they know they could lose their job. I’ve been a whistle blower and have stood up for others at my expense but the allegation is enough for a reasonable person to pass on the hire. A hiring process is not a fairness tribunal unless it involves individuals in protected groups like race, gender and disability.
    An arrest and pending charge is going to impact a person. I think it’s a bit unfair to place the moral or legal burden on Human Resources personnel whose job it is to screen out most individuals prior to making a hire.

  7. Basically it’s like this in America now. If you are found guilty and the judge or jury decides what your punishment is . You do everything they tell you must do to pay for your crying , ( example shoplifting ) which has nothing to do with driving . You will be punished for life . That’s right . Let me say that again you will be punished for life . No matter how hard you work to get a degree or whatever you’re trying to do with your life to make it better , companies like Uber and Lyft are telling you, you have a life sentence . And yet we allow illegal immigrants to come into our country , which have no background check , if Uber or Lyft does a background check they find nothing and they give that to them. Please tell me how someone will a domestic violence charge over 20 years old would tell you that I don’t trust this person to drive me from my house to the airport?

  8. You can commit a non violent misdemeanor crime and 20 years later everyone still denies you a job. Why does that have to carry your whole life. I did my 1 year probation, it was 1st and last offense but still paying for it. Wth?

  9. People aren't realizing the dangers of just how a criminal infraction is written.
    For example 7 years ago under the prescription of AmbienI walked into my neighbor's house and tried to make a raw hamburger on white bread with a block of Parmesan cheese sandwich. the owner gave me a chance to leave with no problems but instead I went and hid in the bathroom.
    First these jerks tried to charge me with first-degree home invasion a 20 year felony.
    But it was reduced to what my attorney said was trespassing.
    Little did I know thatthat in lawyer terms means the same thing as breaking and entering entering without owner permission.
    I cannot get a job because of the words breaking and how how people relate with that. There was no breaking there was no forced entry I was sleepwalking would have never happened without the door being unlocked.
    We are in a new scary age. Malicious destruction may not mean to the court that you did something evil but an employer sees malicious and destruction it's the wording that is killing us

    I am from Michigan but could really use assistance from a like-minded individual

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