UberEats Registration and On-boarding Process is Easy

UberEats is probably the easiest ‘gig’ to get in the UK – register online, pass the DBS check, get your kit, get on your bike and make some money!

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44 thoughts on “UberEats Registration and On-boarding Process is Easy”

  1. As of today in the UK I am having to go to some greenlight meeting place for the background check, right pain as I was under the impression it was a couple of days to sign up

  2. Not true at all, Every other job I've ever had was easier to sign up for especially deliveroo which had me on the bike in 1 week compared to 2 weeks in I've just found out I have to own a printer and pay a 3rd company for another background check, I've already done more background checks than were required by the council to use dangerous machinery in a school full of children.

  3. Hi mate, I have uploaded all my docs to sterling now I need to goto the greenlight hub to finish off the check, why would I need printed identity confirmation if I've uploaded it all to sterling website?

  4. My onboarding done on 15th Oct 2019 and now am waiting for my DBS check all documents submitted so what after my DBS check us done ? Do i need to attend any training in uber office or i can directly start deliveries coz they didn't tell me about the training on my onboarding.

  5. The background checks , Was it your responsibility to order the background check or Uber ?
    What was the name of the organisation that gave you the paperwork ?
    Thx in advance. Yours Christy

  6. Hi..Can I register my home kitchen with uber. I tried many times d send mail too but did not get any reply. Mu kitchen is registered with zomato already

  7. I’ve just ordered a dbs check via Gov.uk online, and will print off, taking the confirmation letter they sent to my email to my local post office to validate my ID so I can receive it in the post. Can you tell me how can I send my DBS check to Uber eats? Can I send it online, uploading it? Or by post, making a photocopy of it, keeping the original? Thank you.

  8. Oh no, I send my drives license, id, and bank statement to Sterling for background check. However I didnt verify them at post office. Will they just ask me to confirm my documents and then upload it again? Cheers for the vid

  9. Is the sign up for Uber eats the same as a driver? I began the process but the app was asking me to upload private hire license ets

  10. Hi, I just went to post office to verify the documents. Do I need to take a photo of that paper and send to someone? Because in my email just says that they will verify my documents and then activate. In my documents all shows active. But I cant work yet

  11. hi mate, ive done the DBS and now have that in both online and paper forms, do i need to do anything with this or do i just wait for an email from uber?

  12. Great video, I am currently singing up as a bike driver. I have sent the DBS verification with the post office and it has come back with clear and accepted. What happens next?

  13. What to do when criminal background check gets expired while signing up for uber eats driver???

  14. what if you don't own a drivers license? I mean it's weird them asking for a drivers license as well as a passport considering you're applying to be a rider and not a driver.
    It's probably more as a 'two forms of ID" sort of thing I'm guessin, but if you don't own one what should you do? birth certificate maybe

  15. I can encounter lots of bike ubereats in Vancouver, BC Canada but whenever I try to sign up on the website, I can NOT display this 00:34 page which gives option for bike? Why?

  16. I want to uber eats driver here in Sydney Australia..but I am completely unknown about how to apply it and through which link. Can you suggest me please?

  17. I’ve done the DBS at the post office just yesterday, Uber sent me the training videos, so I reckon it’s a matter of time until I’m active. I don’t know how many days. I used Sterling Direct for the DBS, and they say 5-10 days, so who knows?

  18. I don't see the option of selecting a bicycle. it only gives me the option of a vehicle! why do you think that is the case?

  19. I submitted my documents & they went through but now it says my account needs attention, contact support about your account

  20. Hello everyone, I tried to upload my documents on Uber eat they accepted all except zego insurance?they just keep declining that , can you help me with that and give me some advice. Shall I upload my own insurance too or just zego insurance is going to be fine?

  21. Thanks for the video, could you please help me. I have registered today uploading my bank statement and photo ID. It says 'pending approval', but at the same time says that I am ready to start and I can download Uber Driver app. I have not received any e-mails. Is this normal? I understand next stage is background check? I don't think I am able to start yet despite what the website says.

  22. My vehicle certificate document review is still pending for 10 days on uber eats I did upload again yesterday day and after 2 days will contact them if still showing pending

  23. Hello dude Hope your well. Would love some help in this matter. Im signing up for Uber Eats Delivery not sure what ID forms are required.

    I currently dont have a Passport its lost and cancelled but haven’t renewed it. i do have the full Birth Cert etc.

    Not sure what to do next

  24. Hello I want to register uber eats but I want to find out about if I can use a car and do I need a driving experience for this job or you get on the app quick and then work if you know what I mean.

  25. I joined uber got approved on all the initial checks only waiting for insurance papers to come through so I can upload them. But they haven't done my background check. When does that process take place.

  26. My experience trying to register has been a nightmare, firstly I could get the bank statement accepted (tried 3 diferent ways of submitting it) and finally the same as the first try was accepted…
    Then for the background check every date is dd/mm/yyyy except the birthday (which is why I put it wrongly) and instead of just changing it they told me I need to create a new account from scratch. And now I need to upload a Spanish criminal record.
    Sorry for the rant it's been a month and I'm mad

  27. im 18 and wanna work for uber eats on a bicycle and ive done all the document things and went to the post office to verify my documents but it says on sterling that i need to upload a residence card when i dont own a property so i do i just leave ot?

  28. It's easy if you already have the documents they want. If your passport is expired and you have no other valid photo ID it's a nightmare. Paying money to get a casual job makes no sense either.

  29. I'm having troubles with my background check. There is always wrong when I go to post office. One of them is my date of birth. On their website it says to write month, day and year and when I do that – the person on post office say it's wrong

  30. Idk how to get checked the financial así stance for up to 14 days and Acces for affordable Healt care please help!!

  31. I've done my post office verification check.. after that received an email saying this is the website to buy bags and kit.. just want to know does this mean I've been accepted if I received the email to buy the bag… thanks

  32. All thanks to TECHLHORD1 on Instagram,he got my Uber eats account activated after few weeks,am so glad I was recommended to him,send him a message,he can help you out

  33. All thanks to TECHLHORD1 on Instagram,he got my Uber eats account activated after few weeks,am so glad I was recommended to him,send him a message,he can help you out

  34. All thanks to TECHLHORD1 on Instagram,he got my Uber eats account activated after few weeks,am so glad I was recommended to him,send him a message,he can help you out

  35. All thanks to TECHLHORD1 on Instagram,he got my Uber eats account activated after few weeks,am so glad I was recommended to him,send him a message,he can help you out

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  37. have been unable to use my account since 3days now because they deactivated it,all thanks to Techwiz0 on Telegram for getting my account reactivated back permanently, I'm so grateful for the recommendation to him…

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