Uber's New Background Checks

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47 thoughts on “Uber's New Background Checks”

  1. I like it! Yeah, when I first heard about the idea, I realized the truth. There is nothing, at the moment, to stop anyone from driving. So, a Felon, you can't get a job anywhere, can easily do Uber. That's kinda scary. Not saying people can't make mistakes. But some of those "Mistakes" should cost you! If you stole something, once, from a store.. Whoops. However, I wouldn't want to go for a ride with Susan Smith, or Cristy Campbell.

  2. I like the idea of a 911 button if it was on top and ready to press quickly. Knowing Uber, it will be hidden, and using the keypad would end up being quicker.

  3. They clearly do not care about us drivers by not doing background checks on the riders at all and the panic button will not keep anybody safe.

  4. I never hear anything about driver safety. We are much more exposed than the rider. How many drivers does the average rider use a day? A driver sees multiple more passengers a day which truly exposes us. I guess we as independent drivers don't matter as usual. I will never forget that Dara turned off driver commentaries when saying drivers matter on his recent live stream. A staged audience just like a dictator. I'm all about passenger safety yet I'm more about everyone's safety.

  5. Lmao @ background checks. They are too worried about the passenger vs the driver. Can’t tell u how many passengers have gotten in my vehicle with everything from a switchblade to a gun. Here’s a question : do you think they people feel safe standing on the street @ 2:00 waiting for a ride ? . My quick answer is probably not therefore they commonly request short rides, as they don’t even feel safe . As for me the driver, I am not your run of the mill, edge of society type of guy. I’m a college degreed, mature driver who can hold a conversation with anyone eight to 80 in two different languages, any race, creed or color. Icing on top is that I’m also a TWIC card holder., I’m pretty sure my security clearances tops their run of the mill background check.

  6. If a 911 button just opens my phone as it does in calling Riders, populates the number, (possibly auto-dialing) thst seems a good single step process. If that button use also notifies Uber and voice recording ensues, even better…maybe…for us without inside car cameras.

  7. Isn't Dara's comments on security just a response to having a Felon behind the wheel in the Arizona Autonomous car death case a few weeks ago
    How does Dara's new statement make a change? I've had annual checks twice, each January…
    Maybe it's a California requirement, just rolled out Nationwide?

  8. There are many shady drivers. Houston had fingerprinting until last year. They should also make it mandatory to have to go to one of the Hubs to inspect your car. I’ve seen Uber cars that should not be driving.

  9. the company is check r in ga they do a life time back ground check on you if you have anything on your record from 99 years ago you are fired immediately

  10. For drivers, everything Uber does is not beneficial at all and is BS and a smokescreen. The app was fine as it was. If uber keeps cutting driver's fares, there won't be any drivers and uber will need to change or go under or try to hurry up and roll out their autonomous cars.

  11. If you lose the GPS, uber will surely screw your pay, they'll want proof you actually did the trip.

  12. My old saying, "it's not a crime until you're caught" meaning technically a crime, but society isn't aware of it until you're prosecuted by a court. So if a driver is sexually abusing passengers their isn't a criminal record until they're arrested. As long as people aren't caught a background check is pointless

  13. They're not doing fingerprint checks cause it's expensive, however, if a driver was arrested 20 years ago, uber won't find it. If they do a fingerprint check, they'll find it. A level 1 background relies on info from the applicant, for instance, if you had a criminal charge in California of sexual battery in 1990, uber won't find it cause they're not checking California cause the applicant isn't reporting they lived there. With a fingerprint check, they'd find it, believe me

  14. Uber Hints, please cut off and remove that introductory video seen of a wheel screaming and spinning yellow race car.
    Every time it startle me. At least cut off the audio of it.

  15. if the rideshare leaders do not adhere to righteousness as in doing the right thing by both the drivers and the riders , then it is obvious that it is a self imploding industry.And no given the evidence thus far .(up front pricing screws both drivers and riders), they will not do the right thing.Self inflicted regulations alone will turn them into ,at best, courier type services because no one will want to dive for them.Sad really,because this opportunity could have been so sought after, and these greedy and geeky ass holes could have reaped much larger profits.what a bunch of damn asses.Keep staring at the key board you disconnected dush- bags.

  16. drivers however, are expendable by the way. who protects drivers from the nut job riders?
    what a piece of crap company eh?

  17. Odd …just last weekend a fine Uber driver from Africa RAPED a young lady in Weymouth Massachusetts…bear in Massachusetts has a very extensive mandatory criminal back ground for ALL rideshare drivers. He was here illegally but was still a driver for Uber ..when he appeared in court the super liberal judge let him go immediately. And let him keep his passport. And "wait for it" fled to his 3rd world cesspool

  18. Is Uber doing criminal background check on riders too, for the safety of the driver? To Uber SAFETY FIRST for the driver at all cost , Uber drivers car do not have a bulet proof glass around the driver to protect them from criminal riders.

  19. The most logical for the 911 button is for uber to log the 911 call to validate the pax complaint. The pax can now call the police directly and simultaneously report the concern to uber. However, if the pax is just trying to get a free ride by falsely reporting the driver DUI, for example, then the pax has now filed a false police report and thus subject to criminal charges.

  20. I got kicked off for a misdemeanor hit & run from 14 years ago. Long story short I turned myself in 5 hours later. ( I know I was young & dumb & panic & ran. Went to court & the guy I hit never showed up. So I only had to pay a court fee. 14 years later I’m driving for uber for almost 2 years with a 4.94 & not one issue while driving for uber on my behalf. Than boom just cut off one day. Don’t worry uber it’s not like I don’t have a 17 month old son to take care of. SMDH 🙁 why wait almost 2 years I feel used & abused!! 🙁

  21. Because you have a criminal record doesn't mean you are crazy or a mass school shooter. Must ppl with drug cases should be excluded, due to GARY WEBB AND EXPOSING ALL THE COCAINE FLOWN IN THE USA, BY YOU KNOW WHO,I AM JUST SAYING. NON- VIOLENT OFFENDERS NEED OR SHOULD HAVE SOME RELIEF, ESP IF THE DRUG WAS AMERICA'S CUP OF COFFEE AKA COCAINE.

  22. I applied for Uber and I only have one charge. A parking ticket four years ago. Checkr said it's on consider. I'm really hoping I get hired. I can't believe I'm stressing so much over a parking ticket!

  23. Uber shut me down for a misdemeanor that was 30 years ago after they accepted me the previous year. Nothing changed on my background this was on there when they allowed me to start driving

  24. Hi I was working with Uber past 3 years awesome complements n NO CRIMINAL records ‘ but my background checks came negative n Uber deactivate me since October 2017 ‘ because I live in New York n I have a speeding ticket in Ohio but when I had a ticket in Ohio I wasn’t working with Uber I went to vacation to Ohio ‘

  25. Ok so UBER is supposed to be a “platform” not an “employer” drivers are supposed to be independent contractors however UBER is acting as an employer. I say if they are going to do all of this start pushing out an hourly wage like New York paying $17.00 per hour. I get keeping passengers safe but what are you doing for your drivers???

  26. If they do background checks on riders, then riders will stop using Uber because they wouldn't go for paying for a service just to have thier privacy imposed on. If riders stop paying to use the service, how many of yall drivers will still get paid to make a living? If they start checking PAYING customers records, they will definitely loose money and have to shut down. Driving for Uber or Lyft is a choice just like applying for the fire fighter or Police Department. You know the risk and dangers of both uniformed occupations that no one forces you to apply for. It cost money for companies to submit for public records for one person. Passengers wouldn't want to pay that higher amount just to go 5 miles.

  27. Sir, do you know what Uber's requirement is on how old a DWI violation needs to be, to be approved? I can't find it on their website. I know Lyft's requirement is 7 years, but do you know what Uber's requirement is? Thanx.

  28. I'm still wondering where the background checks on riders are. Guess only passenger safety matters. I think background checks do little to nothing to keep anyone safe. They are just to legally protect companys , and their image. I think it should be illegal for companys to hold background checks as a condition of employment. Uber's background checks are not for safety , they are for uber's money. Other wise they'd be doing them on passengers too.

  29. 1 Uber driver with a criminal record who drives 5 different passengers with a criminal record too all in one day.

  30. They should have that on the drivers app also the driver need protection too

    I had two females get into a fist fight and I broke it up and took one of the fighter home 18 minutes away for free.
    I called Uber help to call 911 and it was unless they did not help.
    Make me think how much are they really
    Just saying.

  31. I dont like your video because you never talk about things that are dismissed in court,and it's stupid video because people that get and it doesnt go on there record per say but goes on the driving record is ridiculous.This can be counted now with uber they will go under and I'll make sure and Lyft if they do unless they dont start giving certain backrounds a second chance its ludicrous and heinous.Uber is signing their death warnt.

  32. Uber take me of from the app because I use to have tikets tha i gent on 2015 end i pay of on 2018 so now i have to wait 3 years if I want to work again whit uber wich is not good because just a tikets over has driver whit more cases mor strong criminal end they kip work

  33. I ran a red light and was caught on camera. Does anyone know if running a red light will disqualify me from driving ride share? Anyone?

  34. Personally, I think Uber probably put that in place because not every 911 call is going to show up as a flag on the Uber driver, and or be recorded in background checks. If someone calls thru the app, Uber will have full access to the call without having to get the records from the government ie police. This way Uber has a record of the call directly, instead of having 3 person info.
    Another theory I have is, if someone was in danger, they could call 911, without letting who ever they are trying to get away from, know they are calling 911. It just looks like they are getting in their Uber app. Just a few ideas why that seemingly useless feature is there. It's a covert move either way.☺️

  35. I agree with a lot of people in here saying why do the riders not have to have a background check to be able to use the service also. Uber should make everyone on all sides of using the app, drivers and passengers have a background check. But then they would probably lose half their riders. Cause a lot of the riders are people getting picked up from bars.

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