Understanding The Domestic Violence Restraining Order Process.

This video provides an overview of the Domestic Violence Restraining order process, including:

1. The General Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) Court Process
2. Plaintiff’s Application
3. Temporary Orders
4. Service on Defendant
5. Service with Law Enforcement
6. Responding to the DVRO
7. Court Hearing on “Permanent” Restraining Orders
8. Procedures for Domestic Violence Protective Orders
9. Renewing a “Permanent” Restraining Order

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24 thoughts on “Understanding The Domestic Violence Restraining Order Process.”

  1. The judge asked me if he violated the temporary R.O. & when I answered yes, she said then there is no point in granting a permanent one then, because it didn't work. What was that all about? I live in Canada.

  2. Does anyone know , after serving a restraining order when does the person move out and how long do they have and can anyone touch their things to move them out ?

  3. My girlfriend spit in my face several times and threatened me with violence…do I enough to get a restraining order? I also have a police report that say I did right thing in the last dispute we had involving the police.

  4. Are you saying the… Family Law Judge? Because it sounds like "fanlaw" judge and I can't figure out what else it's supposed to be.

  5. Could plaintiff go to to the hearing just to ask judge to drop the order? Or will the judge still decide how to move forward despite the plaintiff wanting to drop order

  6. Im interested in filing a restraining order. A boy that Ive grown up with has spread rumors about me, insulted me, and made me feel unsafe. The problem is that im really young (14) and i dont know that what hes doing is serious enough to even file for one in the first place. I know that restraining orders are for things like abuse which is not what im experiencing. I just want him to leave me alone and i want him to stop bullying me because hes been doing it for years.

  7. I live in Florida and have had a hearing that ruled in no contact for 6 months however the person violated and i showed proof and the sherifs office didnt seem to care. However my issue is retrieving my property. The sheriff's office always wants to call and get an ok before I have a civil standby however the person never answers the phone or returns the calls. So I reached out to the judge and was told I need to file for a court order release of property but these good ole boys dont care to seem to wanna do there job and beat around the Bush. What can I do to get my truck? I have the title bill of sale and the person said its mine and they want it out of the yard.

  8. Okay I really need some advice please respond to me . And nice video , very informing I’d like to ask u some questions

  9. Never agree to stay away if your trying to get custody for a child the judge may try to trick you once you say yes you agree to a restraining order and it will go on your record and could affect you getting a job house etc

  10. I dont know how i feel about this
    It just seems very scary having to get one however if it protects me may be worth it

  11. So me and my wife of 4 years just got into another decent one not the worst by far.. but the first time cops came.. everything was calmed down for about 15 minutes before they arrived for the complaint of yelling and fighting.. took our story's they were the same.. a stupid fight over something we couldn't remember what after.. as most.. we don't have hard feelings against each other whatsoever.. and the fuel was me refusing to just let shit lie.. maybe I'm just fuckin burnt but I can't help but sort issues as morally as I can.. but with being human you can only take so much.. anywhoo they looked at our bodies and ig I had more scratches than her.. idfk every mark I had on me was gone when I woke.. she's gone till Tuesday from last Friday and if this is the type of shit ima be met with.. ig yall will see us on the news if their judgment becomes unjust.. its my right

  12. so all this advice is just for women who want to cheat on their husbands and run away from responsibility I get it!

  13. Do I have to contact his mom I told him no he's not welcome in my at all that includes indirectly I don't like rock and roll and I never want to see you again STOP contacting me.

  14. Men, do not hesitate for one moment to put a restraining order against your partner for your safety and protection.
    Placing a permanent restraining order against my female partner was the greatest single protective measure of my adult life. No regrets.
    Men, the system in the US is biased against you and you need to put an end to the madness and get ahead of the life wrecking process that is the divorce courts.
    Men, do not hesitate to put a restraining order on your female partner if you feel your safety is in jeopardy.

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