Understanding The FBI Criminal Background Check System

This video takes a close look at NICS or National Instant Background Check System. Why its there, how it works, and what happens if you are delayed or denied.

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27 thoughts on “Understanding The FBI Criminal Background Check System”

  1. In regards to waiting…I live in Kona, big island Hawaii and it takes 6 weeks just to get an appt. @the Kona police dept. to fill out the application for purchasing a long gun. Then ANOTHER 2 weeks for them to run a background check. A total of 2 months ! !
    Talk about frustrating.

  2. I have a question. I have successfully attained a CCW, in Alabama. I was denied by NICS. My question is. How can I get a CCW, yet get denied a firearm, in the same week? I hope that makes sense. Thanks brother!

  3. something I do not understand, and would appreciate some commentary on is this: last month I purchased a shotgun from a friend, through a local FFL. I had to fill out all that paperwork asking me if i was an alien, if i denounced my citizenship etc. I didnt understand why I had to answer some of these. If an illegal alien and answered that 'I am not an alien,' couldn't that be disproven in a matter of minutes via the check? most of the questions just seemed unnecessary or redundant. why is the check asking me details of what it will invariable examine for its self? I am not complaining(exactly) though, I will happily perform what i must to purchase legally, tedious or not.

    Also, as an interesting side note, I got fingerprinted last week to submit my pistol permit application. All the while, the woman performing it was complaining about the state of the country, criticizing the government, and openly admitting that she can't wait until she can leave for Europe permanently. Does that count as denouncing your citizenship? And yet she's qualified to perform federally recognized data (in the form of fingerprints).

  4. what is the difference between delayed and pending? mine came back pending. is the 3 day period still in affect?

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  6. Whatever. I've passed every anyswer . No criminal record at all . Still denied. This country sucks ass .

  7. Did the forms. What if it takes longer than the three days? isn't some type of answer required? This was done at the Sheriff's Office….
    This is like hitting a brick wall!

  8. I don't understand why the second background check…. When you apply for the fid card you get finger printed and a background check is done…. So if they find something they should denie you then…. With that said….. I got my fid card I knew I would… I go to buy a rifle and fill out the paperwork have to wait and it took 13 days started in delay then it was denied…… If they wasn't gonna approve me then why give me a fid card that I passed the FBI nics background check the first time

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