Update to the ATF Form 4473! (Nov. 2020)

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We get a lot of questions about background checks during the buying process. To keep our customers and public in the loop with the changes, we decided to make this video. Thanks for watching!


18 thoughts on “Update to the ATF Form 4473! (Nov. 2020)”

  1. I am the only person (as far as I can tell) with my name, in the entire world. I still put down my SSN when filling out the form. My background checks are literally instant.

  2. That paper is illegal. I hate paperwork. My guns are my right, i shouldnt have any type of law to get them or keep them. This is america, we need to fight back.

  3. If I moved then got insurance papers sent to my new address since it's government issued can that work for change of residence

  4. Can you please message me I’m getting my ffl dealer lic and opening 3 months if you can help me would be greatly appreciated

  5. how about if the buyer is green card hold the 4473 can that apply to that preson buy a firearms?

  6. Next thing you know. They want to know when you take your dumps. Check (a) for in the afternoon.

  7. The ATF has been trampling over the second amendment, the modern day Gestap0 ,
    Already they include misdemeanors, non-violent misdemeanors, and other pettiness in order to give non-approvals to people who should be given approval,

  8. SSN causes big problems!!!! BTW, when is Hunter Biden going to be prosecuted for lying on the form 4473?

  9. My cousin got a felony expungement and is planning on buying a firearm. He asked me what he should put for 21C. What is your opinion? I told him I would put No because the felony will not show up since he got an expungement.

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