US Visa Officer Tips On How To Avoid Rejections In Visa Interview! @U.S. Consulate Mumbai

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Embassy in New Delhi and U.S. Consulate in Mumbai are currently providing emergency and mission-critical visa services only. A limited number of student visa interview appointments are available at Appointments are added daily but maybe booked quickly when released. The U.S. Mission in India is making every effort to accommodate student visa applicants in a timely fashion while keeping our customers and staff safe during the pandemic.
This video was filmed in November, before the COVID 19 pandemic


00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – What do Visa officers look while approving VISA?
01:39 – What kind of documents are required for the interview?
02:48 – Should the students carry document related to land / property?
04:12 – Advice for students who are nervous during the interview.
06:41 – How to approach the question, why did you select this university?
08:34 – Will career switch from Bachelor degree to Master degree have an impact for Visa approval?
10:15 – How to approach the question, what are your plans after Master’s?
12:50 – Common mistakes students make during the VISA interview.
13:55 – How to approach when one already has a Master’s degree from India.
14:42 – How to justify the question regarding 16+ years of education mark for applying for Master’s in USA.
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41 thoughts on “US Visa Officer Tips On How To Avoid Rejections In Visa Interview! @U.S. Consulate Mumbai”

  1. Guys!! Ignore this interview, let me give you few experienced tips: Don't apply with fresh passport, don't apply if you don't have a property in your name or any other similar "STRONG TIE". You must have a proper reason for the requested visa AND your documents must speak for it. Additionally, your spoken words, during an interview, must match your documents and they must sensibly support the purpose of your visa.All the claims made by you must be supported by your Docs. and your documents and spoken words must be verifiable.Strictly avoid any Hanky Panky and any type of guess work in your documents as well as your words. In summary, If you have not traveled abroad previously, don't have STRONG ties in your home country,can't justify your trip and your documents are not verifiable, don't apply to any of Anglo American destinations.

  2. Hi , can I show funds only for tution fee and mention that I will be staying at my uncle's home so that I don't need any living expenses in f1 visa interview ??

  3. I have interview scheduled on 28 dec , and was very nervous but after seeing this series feeling little relaxed. thanks @Yudi J

  4. Thank you for the video.
    I will get an appointment tomorrow.
    Wish I could pass it.
    it is hard for recent months for a Chinese international student who is going to study abroad.

  5. i am refugee residing in Egypt , i won 2 times scholarship from US university however because of my residence permit status is refugee i can not able to obtain for F1 visa if you have any suggestion please inform me .

  6. You could have tried to ask her questions like 'How do you guys decide to reject a candidate' or 'Do you have a certain number of rejections which you must make every year'. Though I doubt she would have answered them straight.

  7. Thanks for making the video was so informative .. but i wanna do my masters in abroad on molecular biology ..could you please put some videos about good colleges having the more thing that as i belong to the middle clas family so it would be great if colleges offering scholarships and medium fees obviously #AskYudiJ

  8. There had to be a question about someone applying after he has violated visa rules and stayed in the US. And after returning applied again.

  9. thanks for the informative video Yudi J.. I just want to know what should I answer to the question: Why 'X' University and why not "Y" University?

  10. It's not Hard to get admission in Ms specially in Ms although it's hard to afford the money
    Admission in IIM or IIT is more hard as compared to get admission in US
    But for taking admission in US or Canada or Australia it's important to have enough money to afford it.
    Money most important thing keep it in mind and rest of the things not much important.

  11. I just hate the strictness of this country's embassy. Even aquiring a j1 student exchange visa is another mess there. Guys, I encourage you, look for another country to study but not this one with un explained reasons for being strict in even issuing students visa!!!!!!!!

  12. You should be extremely lucky to have such an angel as your visa interviewer. I think she kind of looks like a young Hillary Clinton.

  13. Hey my kids and my X r in U S and i want to see my kids but i got rejected many times i dont know why now can i get visa and they should tell the reason of rejection so that next time we can improve that or we will not try again it really hurts and and we say that dont be nervous but then also we r very nervous we cant help

  14. Having relatives in US means rejection of f1 visa?? My parents applied for tourist visa 5 years back to attend my mom's cousin weeding … If the visa officer asks me about relatives what should I say.. No or yes? Should I lie.. Do they have all thr records of past 5 years??

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