Usajobs Hiring Process – Start to Finish

This video explains the Usajobs Hiring Process to include how a job announcement makes it to Usajobs.

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40 thoughts on “Usajobs Hiring Process – Start to Finish”

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  2. A question about the selection after the interview, how long does it take after the interview is complete? For example what is the range?

  3. well in the philippines, job positions in the government were intended to someone already. they just collect resumes and conduct interviews for formality..the local government hiring committee here have no integrity! if you dont have connections with the mayor/governor or not a political supporter you are out!!

  4. How would you go about getting recruitment incentives if the position doesn't offer relocation assistant?

  5. I have a question,
    I’ve been filling out for years. I’ve created my resume just like the job announcements and the format they want my resume in. I have degrees and experience. How can I get a chance to get an interview? It’s been overwhelming.

  6. Thank you for the video it gives me peace of mind for this whole waiting game. Just a question post-interview since I now understand that number for the posting is HR and not the interviewer, is it appropriate to call them after a week has passed from the interview? I feel better calling them before emailing the interviewer after the two week mark hits.

  7. I have a question I applied for a job and I was placed on eligible list and it was turned into the hiring manager the job closes in 3 days could I they still get a interviewer after they close the job?

  8. Yes! Now I know all I need to to get hired right away! I'll just find a single posting on the website and make sure my resume looks good. Someone is sure to reach out to me and ask me to work for them because I have qualified education, expertise, and experience! I'm super-optimistic now and feel so relieved. Thank you!

  9. I am grateful to have watched this video. At least, I will have my mind to rest. If the job is for me, it will find its way to me. I just have to follow the road to least resistance principles. Again, if the job is mine, it will come to me.

  10. This is good. It is a long process. I'm in a gov job now and I didn't get the first call for it until a year after the job announcement was closed. I was still looking for a better paying job so I gladly accepted it. It's kinda depressing too because like me I was thinking I have some job experience, I have a bachelors degree and have some past gov experience. What's taking so long to get a good paying job! lol But most graduated college people go through that I guess and that's the hard part.

  11. Great tips! I have had several Federal interviews over the past month. I was offered a job with a TS clearance, I'm in the process now. But to all those looking for Federal employment. Do not give up! I only have an Associates degree however I do have a Schedule A letter with alot of experience in Administration. Also, the more documents being submitted the better. Example: cover letter, writing samples, schedule A letter, resume, award letters, etc. And you must cater your resume to the position. This MUST be done and resume must be formatted as a Federal resume not like a regular resume….good luck!

  12. Thank you for the very good information, they are very appreciated! I have two questions for you. 1). The position I applied for was supposed to come down tomorrow, but was extending for a week, how would you interpret that? 2) for veterans status, it reads 3 years of service, but if less but close it still counts. I have about 28 months, should I proceed to apply, or move on? Thank you for any advice, and the great videos!

  13. Thank you for the videos they have helped me out a lot! I have a question with the hiring process. I applied for a recent graduated position and I have interviewed. A week after the interview I was called by the office and told that they are really interested in hiring me and that HR will get back to me. Now i am currently waiting for that call. Since you work for HR, typically how long does it take to hear back, or how is this process handled? By that I mean if you have other things to prioritize before the offers are made.

  14. What advice would you give to a former teacher applying for a government job? Do you run across many former teachers while interviewing? I have a bachelor's degree but don't know what positions I would qualify for or should be applying to.

  15. Is there any chance that relocation assistance can be negotiated after an offer? Are they usually flexible as far as a start date if you have to relocate? Are in-person interviews required?

  16. What does it mean when you’re still showing referred but not selected? I was recently not selected back in April and my profile was “last updated” on 5/6/20

  17. Just got called for an interview for a custodian position at the exchange at a local airforce base. Thanks for your videos. I'm currently at home depot but looking to move onto greener pastures!

  18. Will the Manager be more likely to hire a male then female? I am applied for a Therapist position at a Correctional facility. Do they care about age? Is 50 to old? What types of things do they look for in background check except your previous employers??

  19. I got an email saying I was referred for a job, but on the USA jobs site it just says received on the green button. Should I be worried?

  20. How long is the cert list good for? For example. I applied for two vacancies with the same department. One was for a GS-11, the other was a GS-11/12. I was offered the 11 and I accepted it. Same job title and series. I'm still referred in USA Jobs for the 11/12. I saw the cert list showing my ranking for the 11/12. I was told I could be offered the 11/12 but only within a certain timeframe without having to apply again, and reinterview. Any truth to any of that?

  21. Thank you for making this video. I’m about to graduate from my university with my bachelors degree. This was really helpful because I’ve been applying. But I was a little confused about the process.

  22. This is very helpful video. Thank you for your time.
    I have a question I received an email saying "Your application is suitable for further review and you may be contacted regarding your eligibility. You'll receive correspondence via email/phone informing you next step…" it has been 22 days and I am wondering if I have to contact them.
    Do you have any advice please?

  23. Very clear explanation, thank you! I am in the process myself (accepted my CJO and under background check) I want to admit it is a very long process and it is not easy to deny other offers from the private sector that are coming your way. I only can imagine how many great candidates and bright brains the government has lost due to the process is being this long. I hope with the technological progress and economic growth the government will be soon able to faster identify, thus bring on board a fit candidate.

  24. Hello, I have been referred and I sent them email and they told me they are working on thousands of applications. Shall I keep email? How often? I really appreciate your suggestions.

  25. Family and friends plan seems to work really well, no experience needed. What did you say your last name is, wink, wink.

  26. This is what I replied by email after my 1 st interview, : This position has been reposted. If you still wish to be considered for this position, you must reapply for the current posting by searching for position…… what that mean?? I will reapply but I couldn’t get the result of my interview. It means I haven’t cleared it. Pl specify what it means. Thanks

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