USCIS Receipt & Biometrics Delays – Don't Worry!

In this video, I answer the question(s):
Should I worry if my USCIS receipts and biometrics appointment notices are taking too long?

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39 thoughts on “USCIS Receipt & Biometrics Delays – Don't Worry!”

  1. Hi, I have a question about Post-OPT. I submitted it before Christmas of 2020. And got receipt notice two weeks ago and I am still waiting for the approval or denial letter. I wonder how long it takes now and what can I do for now? Thank you.

  2. Hi, It’s been 5 months since we filed concurrently with the forms 1-130, I-485 and other forms and we haven’t got a receipt yet for the I-130 but they already charge our credit card. What advice can you give us? Is it just because of the delay? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Sir, are you seeing delays in Oath Ceremony schedule/letter delays too? Cleared naturalization on Jan 12 2021, yet nothing for me except the online status "Oath ceremony will be scheduled", kindly provide some insights Sir!!

  4. hi, i applied for i-90 to renew my green card plus i-131 for travel permit ,i received notice of action.i-797, and it say that you authorized to travel….so can i use it travel not waiting for i131..please respond

  5. My application for I-751 was received on 03/02/2021 (based on UPS tracking) and my current green card expires on 03/19/2021. I have not received my receipt I-797 yet. What should I tell my employer who is asking for my new green card? If my receipt does not come in on time, can I still legally work after 03/19/2021?

  6. Hello! I need urgent help with some information. My wife and son are staying in the US as green cardholders. My son was 13 years old (a minor) when he moved to the country. He didn't require bio-metric at that time but later they applied for it, although a little late. With the current COVID pandemic situation, he is separated from me for a long time. He wishes to travel to India but due to his bio-metric (for which the payment is not received till now after many months passed by). We, as a family, are in much distress as my son is longing to meet us but can't do so. My question is that if he travels to India, what will happen to his bio-metic? Is there anything they can do in the US that his return formalities are not impacted? Are there any complications to it? Please reply urgently if you can guide us in this matter. Your attention is greatly appreciated. Regards.

  7. Hello, I received my I-485 receipt in December and then I received exact same receipt with different received and noticed dates 2 weeks ago. We are just confused why did we receive another receipt. Is this normal? Which one is valid now?

  8. I am married to a US citizen and I have filed my EAD renewal a month ago, no receipt notice yet. My current EAD expires in July. If I don't get a receipt notice by July what are my options? Can you pls tell me?

  9. Hello! I filed for re entry (january 8) and they mailed back saying they got my file (march 4). But they didn’t give any buometrics schedule. When do I expect to get my biometrics schedule? Because my flight is getting move and move. Thankyou so much!

  10. We filed our 751 January 2021, exactly 30 days later (feb 19 2021) our checks were cashed and we got a notice of action/extension/receipt with the same date as the date of feb 19, 2021. Now waiting to see what happens next.. hopefully biometrics will be scheduled soon.

  11. Hey I applied on Monday for N400 and on Tuesday I recieved a online update wity receipts saying that I won’t be scheduled for biometric, they will use my old biometric, does this signal a quick process on my process so what’s going on Bse that was quick of a response

  12. Why can't USCIS allow F1 applicants to start there work for atleast 90 days from the start of there EAD start date if they are not able to provide EAD card on EAD start date. F1 students are already well scrutinized.

  13. Thank you for this video. I received the receipt a few weeks ago, but then I got an email saying that it is not valid since it was printed on standard paper. They said they would send it again on secure paper, but haven’t received anything. Has anyone experienced this? Please help!!

  14. My Priority Date became current in May 2020. I understand I have one year to file I-485, but due to Covid has the deadline been extended?

  15. I have a question im 38 i got my gren card permanent resident card when i was 10 im from mexico and it expired when i was 20 i had lost it at age 19..i never renewed it but can i still renew it the same way i90??

  16. how about green card about to get expire and the officer hasn't called yet for an adit stamp I'm freaking out bout that………..

  17. Filed N-400 for 10 months now, no reply, i am very worried. I leave in colorado, does that affect it?

  18. What’s the next steps post Biometrics screening if they’re using your old ones? Is the USCIS CARD come to the mail or ?

  19. Hi, it has been 90 days since I had my biometrics appt. My case went thru KS. Do you know how much more longer it will take to get a receipt for EAD? Could be 2 more months? I've checked online and USCIS says it takes 3-5 months. Thanks!

  20. I havent recieved ssn either, its been 21 days since i got my ead. Only appointment is manual in july. So much delays

  21. Hello, my green card is in the process of renewing as I have live in New York for over 10 years. I received Form I-797 which below says that I can stay authorized to work, and I can travel with this form . My question is can I travel to Dominican Republic with this form Although my green card isexpired?

  22. I have applied on 24 th septermber 2020 and still I have not received but my friends just got in 2 weeks …to whom I have to contact ……they said you submitt extra evidence so it delayed ,,,,, can you guide me

  23. I am still waiting for my I-765 (OPT- form) receipt notice, it has been more than 60 days since I have filed it. The status of the package says delivered to the mailbox but I have not received any receipt notice in the mail or text message. I am very worried and was wondering if I could refile again online or just wait? This is frustrating me! I hope my package is not lost.

  24. My first appointment was canceled December 24 2020 due to the pandemic, I had to wait another 5 months to get rescheduled. I just had my biometrics done this week and let me tell we were like 6 people in the entire building.

    Poorly service and they can absolutely take way more cases daily. It took only 20 minutes but I waited a year.

    I told the lady that my appointment was canceled the first time and she goes “sorry” lol I wanted to cry of laughter.

    Anyways how long do you think I have to wait for the next step, my case is 601a waiver.

    Thank you very much.

  25. I’m didn’t not get the biometric appointment yet I’m waiting almost 8months my case i485apply for family base 2year green card . Online status said they added my finger print were taken what should I can do sir.?

  26. Hi, family applied 9 months ago for N-400, my 2 adult children received biometric appointment but I did not receive it and still on process, do I need to call USICS? Thankyou and have a great day.

  27. Hi Attorney, if the check that we have issued is incorrectly spelled out as

    US Deparment of Homeland Security

    We incorrectly spelled out "Department" as DEPARMENT.

    Anything you can advise on this?

    Please and Thank You..

  28. can somebody help me ? my mother applied for her extension I 539 and the case was received april 20/21 but her passport says that she needs to leave in june 4/21 .she has not received more notification if the case was accepted or denied. she is still in United States. what should she do?

  29. hello sir ,my 221g case status changed refused to expiring soon,i submit all my ducoment next day after getting 221g,they kept my pasport,now they said they did not recieve any reponse from us and cancel our case and status shows expiring soon,now again i submit all documents ,my case is still under prossing or not?they chek my ducoments again or not?and how can i contact with them?please sir reply

  30. is it normal that its only 1 case showing online i had 2 one is travel paper and other is employment

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