USCIS Rejected My Case. What Should I Do?

USCIS Rejected My Case. What Should I Do?

If you’re interested in learning about what to do if USCIS has rejected your case, watch this video. There is a difference between a rejection and denial. The consequences for a denial can be severe. But what about if the file was rejected? What then? Watch to learn more!

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38 thoughts on “USCIS Rejected My Case. What Should I Do?”

  1. Margaret Nzioka says:

    Thank you for this information, you are an angel. ❤️

  2. lady me ka kai says:

    Thanks so much for your updates. I'm a permanent resident, filled for my kids, before the temporary burn they were waiting for their visa interview which I had already paid for and was expiring on December 12. is there any i can get helped after the December 31st?

  3. Achu Newtonfred says:

    Thank you for the information, God bless you.

  4. Taneata Mckenzie says:

    I could have done my filings myself but with all the changes and the current administration i thought i not wise to even try for this very reason. They can used the opportunity of you making a simple mistake to deny your case and order you to leave their country. This is not the time to skimp nor is it the time to wait. Get professional help, you cant go wrong, trust me.

  5. Jairus Quehgar says:

    When do i receive my receipt number after submitting my I-130 petition?

  6. K J says:

    Tell us about the Immigration ban lawsuit..??? What happened in San Francisco Court ..? Please thanks

  7. Rajiv Hawthorne says:

    Hi good morning can you please tell what the cost of N400 Paper work.

  8. Shafqat Rasool says:

    Thank you Macbean for your weekly updates .
    Pls note that we got approval by USCIS under Alien relatives and we have received NVC email for confirmation.
    Further , all data has been updated online but unfortunately we are getting message in their website "due to limited staff you could not process further "and even we can not pay the fee as all links are disable

    Can you advise what's problem.

  9. Aben Gideonfombi says:

    Your videos through this channel are so useful. Thanks very much.

  10. Béatrice Manelise Cyrius says:

    Hi McBean,
    You're glowing and I like your new look!

  11. Shavez Williams says:

    My Fee was refunded and file administratively closed. This is a USCIS error for my I-485 stating that we filed it when the visa category for the R1 was not 'Current' for my country in that month when it was really 'Current' for my country open that time. They made the error. After 12 months in July 2020 they asked me to refile again. I sent the money back and sent the documents back as they sent it to me in the packet with a cover letter from my lawyer stating that they made the mistake and they need to open the case again and put it back in line where they left off my case. Please advise. Did I do the right thing?

  12. Sharon Johnson Johnson says:

    Can you get food stamps. I am applying for my citizenship. I am on Furloughed and waiting to be called back to work.

  13. Fatima Ajaz says:

    Is they Denial how long they take?

  14. Maridel Mendoza says:

    Beautiful Ms. Latoya, God bless you always!

  15. sujan kumar Roy says:

    Mam I can know my interview complete 2017 but consulate administrative prosising 2017 December. After 2018 returned to nvc and review my case my case many time update summit pepper uscis office approved my case December situation my case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction. That mince. Plz mam answer me

  16. McBean Immigration TV says:

    Hey friends! If you like my work, please consider supporting this channel. Click here to give – ❤️ ❤️

  17. Ang T says:

    Hi and thank you for the info. Question: WHEN do I send me i864? Im having trouble understanding the timeline. I filed for my parents in February, they accepted it in May. Now it says “in process”. Will they notify me where and when to mail my affidavits of support? Or I already should have done it? Thank you

  18. fredelyn protacio says:

    Good afternoon Ma’am, I applied my N-400 last Oct 2019 I haven’t heard or received scheduled for interview yet … please advised …Thank you!

  19. venesha bernard says:

    Please do a video on the injunction of i944

  20. Aphtayte1 says:

    I love listening your videos. Information is clear and on point. Keep up the good work.

  21. Saboohi Shahwar says:

    Hi ,mam,how electronic biometric for rentry permit

  22. Therese Suiru Marie says:

    Thanks so much for the tips

  23. Ayo Martins says:

    My brother who lives in the US petitioned for me some few months. But I later discover this will mature in 10yrs. My question is that, can my spouse ( not married yet) who is a US citizen file for me and my kids on CR1 visa category concurrently? If not what are our options?

  24. Mary-ann Gonse says:

    Hi maam I file my adjustment status,july and I already received my receipt but since then I dont hear from uscis .thanks .

  25. Marion Demons says:

    I recently got rejection for using an expired version of a form. I resent everything back pretty quickly, I'm now wondering if the cases numbers I had received for my original forms will still be the same ones and get updated, or will I get new cases numbers? Thank you so much for your great advice.

  26. ganesh gaha says:

    Thank you so much. But I can refile same form which one rejected from the government. Please can tel me

  27. PREACHER BOSS says:

    Latoya – You keep telling us about the Rejection. What do we do after being denied. Is there a chance of an Appeal etc.

  28. John Mayer’s says:

    What type of type of evidence do I need for rejection?!

  29. Jay Kwon says:

    thanks for the informative video! Is it true that uscis will attempt to cash a check twice before rejecting it for insufficient funds?

  30. Agbor AsamObi says:

    What of the filing is rejected and you decided to refile will the filing date of the previous one not been considered?.

  31. The Relax Guide says:

    I have been ordered deported to a country other than my origin back in 2012. I just received my ead card. I'm in the process of working now. I need to appeal or get my legal permanent resident back what is your contact information?

  32. Premananth Ramasamy says:

    Hi, My PD- is Nov 28 2012 EB2 and filed downgrade and AOS together. I received the receipt notice for I-140 but USCIS rejected my 485 /765 /131 petitions adding a comment "the petition was filed before the PD is current". My attorney refiled the application. is there any way can we check the status? it was refiled on 09Feb2021 and no updates so far.

  33. Mar Cude says:

    I was wondering how does it work if you file your petition online and you realize you made mistake? Fee is paid and receipt number issued by USCIS can they still reject my case?

  34. Yellow Bowzer says:

    I need help. I got a letter from uscis stating my case has been rejected because my card didn’t go through. What should I do????

  35. Sherpa Karseli says:

    Can I re processing after case denied plz ??

  36. Supriya Chakraborty says:

    Someone applied for adjustment of status in October 2020 n gat the receipt notice but there is no further communication till today. Wht shud he do now ?

  37. Bryan Josan Official says:

    I got a question, should I send the same aplication and documents that has been rejected and add only what it was missing? Thank you

  38. Nadia’s Life says:

    Hi there ,
    We just received rejection note for my relative with all the documents!
    The problem is that they put paper /mising page / on one of the forms ,but there wasn’t missing pages at all! The oficer who checked the documents put ‘the missing papers’ in different form! It is a big mess and how to fix this problem? If the USCIS keep rejecting us for their mistakes ,how thinks going to move forward?!
    Also everything else is perfect and correct filled!
    Can you help me with some advice? Thank you so much!

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