USPS After Fingerprinting

This is the final process after you passed the fingerprint. Here you will be able to go inside the USPS workroom to sign work-related documentation such as tax forms, company rules & regulations, date of orientation, proper work attire, and deployment details to your assigned branch. I also give tips on how to pass this stage smoothly and successfully.

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  1. Hi Marie. I did my fingerprint on September 29 2020 since then i haven't received email/any orientation letter. my sister applied after me and the process took her only 1 month. Should i email them or call them?

  2. Hi Marie, I gave my finger printing and submitted my I-9 during the finger printing. But I am still waiting. I sent an email yesterday to HR asking if they need any documents from me to complete the prehiring process. But I have not received any reply for my email. Will they respond to my email or i need to wait? Thanks!

  3. I just received my fingerprints invite along with offer letter. But it’s not for the location my interview should I still take it? And will I have to interview for that location as well?

  4. I took my finger prints last week, and was told by the HR lady that took my fingerprints that the job was to start 12/5 (this saturday) I still have not gotten a call back and I still have not attended orientation. I wish there was more communication involved. HR does not even pick up their phone.

  5. I have my fingerprints appointment on December 7 , I’m so nervous. But I have a question do I have to take the same day the exam?

  6. Hello Marie Please reply. I did my fingerprints done on November 23th for CCA in illinois, now its been more than 2 weeks i am not hearing anything from them. where should i contact is there any number? also i haven't done any drug test yet from them.

  7. Your video is very helpful. Thank you so much. I just summit SF85. I’m wondering What’s the next process? They will sent me the date of finger print? How long gonna be take?

  8. I accepted an offer and didn’t realize how far away it is, I completed the background and have fingerprints tomorrow… what do I do?

  9. I went in for my fingerprints, and the next process was fill out SF-85 background form, unfortunately when I clicked on the link it was not a PDF, or Dox document it was in code xx2f369 text my rep told me to try another computer which I tried on 2 with no luck. I've missed two job offers and can't get another SF85 sent to me. Any suggestions???

  10. I took my finger prints the Monday before new year's eve. Im excited and anxious at the same time how long will I have to wait? Arc is what I was hired for

  11. my fri told me they will be interview on fingerprints day……i like to know that's wrong or right information ..

  12. Ate marie, I received an email from the HR that says my background is cleared and they are working on my start date.. and at the bottom of that, there’s a link for employee self-service and the other one is from “theworknumber” which is i can’t do anything for both of these links.. ate what do I need to do? Nahihiya po kasi ako magreach out sa HR..

  13. Who and how do I contact someone from the post office in regards I did get a job offer phase ext. but did not get the email job offer conditional letter email to accept the CCA job. I did get the GIS background check email but how do go about accepting the job if they did not send the job offer conditional letter email to accept the job?

  14. Hello Marie thank you your video. I have a question. I don't think I fill it out NACI.
    I received an email from GIS and NACI on the same day.
    I only filled out GIS because I thought that GIS is the same system. I got already firgerprint yester day then sent email to uspasapplication team for NACI. I'm afraid now. Is it fine? Please reply. Thank you

  15. I went for my fingerprinting on Jan 2, 2021 it is now 3/1/2021 and I haven't heard anything after that. I'm supposed to be waiting for orientation email to start. Also my application status on the website says In process Offer Phase (EXT). I already took the test back in December 2020 and got a 85. I also received the job offer in December 2020. Just wandering after I was done fingerprinting how long does it take for me to get an orientation email to start or if I'm not hired will they send me a email stating I'm not hired. Please help. Thanks again.

  16. I had my fingerprints done on January 29th, have not heard back since. How long is the wait and who can I call?

  17. Does anyone know why would the post office rescind your offer? Background is good. Haven't received an email of why

  18. How long did you wait for the background check to get cleared? Has been 1 month for me now, Im living in Houston area:(

  19. Hi I did my background check since December Iam on the pre hired list for about 6 weeks and Ofer phase (ext)for about 2 weeks for different positions than our for your help

  20. Marie, I got a question for you. I'm not sure where I stand in the hiring process as I type this. I just got an email saying I have two business days to make an appointment to get fingerprinted, but nothing about having a medical assessment. Is the medical assessment actually considered the drug test or is the medical assessment like a physical exam that I will be required to take. If so, when does this occur during the hiring process?

  21. Hello !
    Can I please ask you if you did only the online or you have to another test once they select you ?

  22. I did my fingerprints like 2 weeks ago a week ago I got a letter of my background check and haven’t heard anything there nothing on my record and I’m just waiting so what’s next

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