USPS City Carrier Assistant (CCA) Hiring Process Job Offer, NACI Background Check, Fingerprints 2020

This is my timeline for getting hired with the post office as a CCA. I’m currently waiting on the orientation email.

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21 thoughts on “USPS City Carrier Assistant (CCA) Hiring Process Job Offer, NACI Background Check, Fingerprints 2020”

  1. Berry9 Pop says:

    Hey I’m on the pre hire list for RCA and Pse they requested background check and driving records if everything checks out does that mean I have a good chance of getting the position. Applied 12/26/2020

  2. ko kyaw says:

    what is red flag on my back ground check?i seen pre hire list also.

  3. Andres Murillo says:

    I did the background check last Monday do you know how long it is going to take? Btw thanks for the info.

  4. Nithin james says:

    Hi. I got the job offer and I took it,and completed the background long it takes to complete the background check process.

  5. Anthony Togafau says:

    how long does a background check take and do they drug test right now?

  6. Jani Larasati says:

    No drug test?

  7. Freggerz says:

    I just received conditional job offer on 2/2/2021. I accepted on the same day. I received email about background check same day. I live on the other side of the country from where I applied to (because of military separation). Will I be able to do my fingerprints in my area or will I have to fly to the area I applied for?

  8. Anna says:

    Who and how do I contact the anyone in the Post office in regards that I received the phase offer for CCA but did not receive the job offer conditional letter in my email to accept the job, I did receive the GIS background email.

  9. ZedPhoenix says:

    I had finger prints done a month ago. It could take up to a couple of months though

  10. Clark Snowden says:

    Don’t quit your current job the wait takes a minute!

  11. Sean Witt says:

    I received a contingent job offer for City Carrier Career/Permanent. Did my background/fingerprints on 2/22/21. It’s been a week. Just playing the waiting game….

  12. abhi do it says:

    The background check was through GIS

  13. David Facchini says:

    Hey Nick. After you did your fingerprints, did it take about 4 weeks for HR to get in touch with you? Also, when they notify you they set up a time for orientation. Did they give you like a 2 week notice to know what date that was, or did they say it was in just a few days after letting you know?
    Just wondering if they give some time so that you can take those days off. Also, after orientation, where you able to start work a few days later, or was it about 2=3 weeks after? Thanks

  14. Trenton Cool-Landon says:

    How do you do the driving background test?

  15. M_S_V says:

    I’ve been on a pre hire list for almost 2 months. Will someone email or reach out to me you think? I have been looking through my emails to make sure I didn’t receive anything.

  16. Devendra Pannachan says:

    I completed my test and I got 75 after few days they ask me for my vehicle background check I finished and now I see my application status is Pre hire list .How long is gonna take to hire me or they not gonna hire me ? Thank you

  17. Jimmy Jenkins says:

    Nick, I got a question for you. I'm not sure where I stand in the hiring process as I type this. I just got an email saying I have two business days to make an appointment to get fingerprinted, but nothing about having a medical assessment. Is the medical assessment actually considered the drug test or is the medical assessment like a physical exam that I will be required to take. If so, when does this occur during the hiring process?

  18. Lukas Villa says:

    I have something on my record from 12 years ago. The lady told me they go back 7 years. Is this true?

  19. MacarioVistro says:

    5-13 filled application
    5-14 took test
    5-16 consented to motor vehicle background
    5-19 took fingerprints, photo, I-9 forms, and accepted conditional offer
    5-23 filled out NACI background forms

    Now it's a waiting game to be drug tested and orientation. So far it has been fast for me.

    I hope you're in as a CCA brother!

  20. Tracy Ceasar Jr says:

    So how long it takes for them to email you back on when you’re fingerprint date is ?

  21. Desiree Yambay says:

    What if I missed the 5 calendar days from receiving the email to do my fingerprints ??? I kept emailing the people because they gave me an office that was over 8 hours away from
    Where I live. I contacted them
    Again and I still haven’t heard back. There was only an email so I never got a phone number

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