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Many people wanted to know how long the Usps hiring process takes and I’ve summed it up for you to basically see how long it takes to get a job at Usps. If you enjoy this video or it helped you smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button!

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18 thoughts on “USPS Hiring Process 2019 | CCA”

  1. Great video with a lot of good info. I’m planning to apply for a USPS job back home, which is across the country, when I separate from the military. Can I get hired and go to the orientation at my current location or would I have to go near where I will be working at? Also how long will they hold a job? Like say I get hired in November but can’t start work until January. Thanks!

  2. I applied for RCA, get the job offer, then applied for CCA, I'm confused now just because I'm not sure wish job to choose from, Any advice ??

  3. If the process is so sketchy how do you know when to give your two weeks of you are working somewhere already?

  4. I applied for PSE sales and processing clerk like two days ago. I'm in the pre-hire phase for one but I think it's because I was hire last year before Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to do it because I had accepted a permanent job when the usps were offering a temporary position. Idk… I scored 100 on both assessments I took.

  5. I love being an rca (well the actual mail-delivery part) and actually many offices around here have mostly rural routes that don't require personal operating vehicles

  6. CThompson, I got a question for you. I'm not sure where I stand in the hiring process as I type this. I just got an email saying I have two business days to make an appointment to get fingerprinted, but nothing about having a medical assessment. Is the medical assessment actually considered the drug test or is the medical assessment like a physical exam that I will be required to take. If so, when does this occur during the hiring process?

  7. I did my fingerprints, its been almost 2 weeks and still nothing.. im still in the offer phase ext

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