USPS Hiring Process, Orientation & Web based learning (My Experience)

This video is about the hiring process , orientation and web based learning course that I’ve completed being hired on at USPS
hope you guys enjoy this video and find it helpful


27 thoughts on “USPS Hiring Process, Orientation & Web based learning (My Experience)”

  1. Clivie Lascaris says:

    How long was the orientation ?

  2. Dianah Deborah says:

    I just did my finger print application this am! I got hired for a RCA.

  3. Dianah Deborah says:

    They drop? For a drug test? Was it with the finger print?

  4. Lewis Howery says:

    What's a good score in the test

  5. G W says:

    It’s been a month since I’ve heard anything just to go to orientation. I’m moving on I don’t have time to wait. Ain’t no job that important to me to wait over a month for lol

  6. Lewis Howery says:

    How long did the naci bg check take

  7. Percy Smith says:

    I’m in Atlanta as well. Fingerprinting appointment Thursday in Duluth. Did they tell you your orientation date that day?

  8. ohsgurl says:

    I received an email from this, no link or attachment . They sent me this 3 days ago and last night and tonight. Is this how the process goes without any info? Where do I go ?

    You were recently invited to complete the Consent and SF85/SF85P Questionnaire related to your Background Investigation for USPS Employment. We are very interested in receiving these completed documents as soon as possible. You have 24 hours remaining to complete the consent and questionnaire. If you elect not to complete these documents, your offer of employment will be rescinded.

    If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact the individual listed in your job offer or your Postal manager.


    Human Resources
    United States Postal Service

  9. Joe Moss says:

    Informative. Glad I found you! Thanks.

  10. Didar al razi says:

    Thanks .. tomorrow going for interview for mail processing assistant ..

  11. syckindahead says:

    Helpful, thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. jcruz0789 says:

    Wierd question. What did you wear at orientation? I’m probably overthinking it, I need help!

  13. Shadow Hare says:

    What did they say about your piercing??

  14. CITGO TV says:

    How do you like working so far

  15. Ali Usmi says:

    April 4th 2020, applied for the CCA, soon in a couple of days online assessment or exam as it’s called. Next day conditional job offer and 5 more emails for backgrounds check and driving record. Got appointment for biometric ( fingerprints) done with that . Background came next day after I completed paperwork. All clear but long wait after that.
    In process offer EXT “ that’s what it shows on my job profile. Pretty much fast process in the start but nothing after that.

  16. Ty Maxwell says:

    I applied last week for a few RCA/CCA openings and 3 of them now show "pre-hire" and one of them shows "Offer Phase EXT". I just got the email for the Motor Vehicle Record Search and completed that. My question is do you know what the Offer phase EXT means? I've yet to get anymore emails except the Motor V. background and completed.

  17. Armando L says:

    I’m currently waiting on NACI for my background to come back.. I accepted the job offer for RCA..
    what does offer phase (EXT) mean on my application status ??

  18. jaypee dela cruz says:

    what are the reason u will failed in the background check?..

  19. John Carlo Falz says:

    I got an email a few days ago about filling up GIC OR GCI I think. It is for RCA. What happens after you fill out the form for motor vehicle search? Thank you!

  20. Beverly love says:

    Hey I have a question. I got Pre-Hire so what does that mean?

  21. Krombopulos Pichael says:

    I’ve been on “pre hire” status for quite some time, since August and it’s now October . Is that bad or is it just customary for USPS? Sorry If you covered it and I didn’t catch it.

  22. jah bax says:

    What the off phase (ext)

  23. Lawanda J. Davis says:

    I have to go to the duluth location for finger prints on nov 13

  24. Treasure Fuller says:

    My application status says offer phase ext but I haven’t received a conditional offer or did any other steps that everyone else has been doing….. I did receive an email to do fast track fingerprints I go Tuesday!! Is this normal

  25. Jossy Medina says:

    I have a question if you can please help me out I received my fingerprinting email but my location says Sacramento and I live in Los Angeles is that accurate?

  26. Ocean Water says:

    Took me 3 months to get the call to start training

  27. Krystal Carreon says:

    After you pass the assessment how long before they send you an accept offer or decline email?

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