Validate your CPN


The first thing you will want to do is check your number meets the standards of a CPN number. In this step we will be checking a few things at once. Making sure your number was not previously issued as an SSN and or is not the SSN of a person who is deceased.

You will want to go to the following link:

In this step we will check that the number has not been issued as an SSN or is being used by anyone else as a CPN. This might be a bit of hit or miss since so many people make CPN numbers and these websites take days or weeks to update their records.
You will want to go to the following link:


31 thoughts on “Validate your CPN”

  1. Can you still get approved or would it make it even easier to get approved if I use a validated number say somone who to young to use credit trimegrde it with the info I want and birthday I want and go forth????

  2. Hello is that website still working to check my cpn, I put in my cpn and this is the info I got
    Date of this Report: November 22, 2020

    State of Issuance: None Available.

    Approx. Date of Issuance: None Available.

    Issuance Status:

    SSDI Death Masterfile: No record as of 03-25-2014

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  4. In case of identity theft with old ssn, not being able to use my number for anything. how can I get a cpn and purposely merge it w my current profile? Is that possible?

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