Virus Documentary Exposes China's Covid Origin | Time Xi Accepts The Truth? | NewsX

Virus Documentary Exposes China’s Covid Origin | Time Xi Accepts The Truth | NewsX

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19 thoughts on “Virus Documentary Exposes China's Covid Origin | Time Xi Accepts The Truth? | NewsX”

  1. China China China
    ..let the WHO investigate. Dont use social media to investigated. Italy now admit patient zero is in Italy is earlier than in Wuhan the leak hypothesis is totally flawed. Let the Italian and WHO do the investigation.

  2. As we stay on equatorial territory, epidemics like corona use to attack india since decades of years. difference is that this time micro coverage by media and govt. was done. And all Medical services, Health services were over reacted over this pandemic desease.

  3. The ultimate virus is the CCP. This group of thugs has infected the minds of an entire population, turning it into a mindless mass of p

  4. China will be China
    China: Tianamen Square never occurred here as it happened in neighbouring countries then the dead bodies were brought into China and laid here

    China: Covid 19 never happened here as source can be found on planet Mars that's why we mobilising Mars mission actively.

  5. Collect bat virus and study it means create virus? means covid origin?? what is your logic?? just because China studied it, that is why China could identified it rapidly, i.e, when samples from first covid patient to send to Wuhan virology lab for identification they could correctly identify it is a new corona virus, share high homology with bat virus. does not mean the virus was from lab, not mean the virus from China even.

  6. The US stores its own nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain or on-site. Our e-waste is indeed recycled mostly overseas (50-70%), but then again we don't manufacture electronics anymore except for high-end chips. As for Guantanamo Bay, we have terrorists in US prisons on US soil, after their conviction. They were/are held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for legal reasons.

  7. hi media how assure your inform is so correct. did your media people in china. your selling news just listen. how about biological labs around the world. what purpose for these labs. pls ask U. S. Since u r so professional. see for your eyes than u talk

  8. This CCP many'g as very Stupid the days gone Mr Ccp we ar not fools even a same boys nose it comes from China just expect it

  9. China is a military state or government like North Korea, countries will not deal with North Korea So why China getting away with murder.

  10. Never a question that this was a response to the actions we took to expose the "Great Chinese Ponzi Scheme "that fuels their manufactured financial numbers. read Gen Robert Spalding's book " Stealth war How China Took OVer America While Elite Slept"

  11. As I have been saying and posting since March last year on facebook and twitter
    The Wuhan lab link will take you (sooner or later) to Fort Detrick Military lab in Maryland, and it is linked to 11 such bio weapons labs in the USA – and they are linked to the Georgia Guide Stones in Georgia State USA. Please read the contents etched on the stones – it says in English "Maintain world population within 500 Million." You can also read the same in Hindi etched on those mega stones. It is not a conspiracy theory when you can read the contents etched in many languages including Hindi.
    You may be shocked to learn that EBOLA AIDS SWINE Flu ANTHRAX SARS1 were also created inside US military labs. Remember AIDS leaked in USA first.
    and CIA sent letters laced with Anthrax as a "MISTAKE"
    This goes beyond Dr Fauci and Obama – it goes all the way to secret society that controls USA

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