Walmart Non-Interview And Criminal Background Check (V1361) Living In A Van Dweller

Walmart Non-Interview And Criminal Background Check – I returned for an interview on Monday and it ended up being a Non-Interview…


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  1. Denoy you lost a lot of fans when you made the announcement on the Facebook page that there was to be no mention of the word gay or anything of the sort…it showed many people how you felt and angered alot of us…You lost all of your gay and gay supporting fans then…

  2. If I were you, from now on, I would bring up your "criminal" background report in the interview up front so you can explain what happened. That way you can deal with what you know will be their biggest objection right away and turn a negative into a positive. You'll be showing courage and honesty and that you don't have anything to hide. Besides, you know in sales that is what all the famous sales gurus like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar say to do. It certainly works in sales and in a job interview, you are selling yourself.

  3. For 1,000 no’s there will always be a Yes thats why you never give up. Never. Thats great news! My dad also has a job interview today after what bass pro did to him. This job is Mon-Fri no weekends no holidays. So take that bass pro!!

  4. If WalMart offers you a job, you start with them right away. The temp agency will easily fill your slot. Don't lose a permanent job, because you have a temp assignment.

  5. I wish you the best I'll say a prayer that you get the job. Don't bypass the full time job for the temp job..temp is exactly what the word implies. I don't understand your reasoning.
    I would be overjoyed that I have a full time job with a steady income. It's your life and your choices..

  6. I'd check to see if they have some sort of expungement process where you are. I know a couple of people here in California who did that.

  7. Sounds like Best of both worlds happening! Full time Walmart, and I thought they liked only part time to avoid paying benefits, and still able to save the world!

  8. That’s the reason they called US Justice System is a revolving door policy. People have no choice after jail therefore they can not correct they life. It’s sucks.

  9. A friend of mine went to prison.( had something to do with having a gun) I am not sure why he went to prison……….since that case was very old and it was also stopping him from getting a job) he found out that he was able to get all of his negative things off of his police report….and he also ended up with being hired and made very good money)

  10. Don't sweat it dude anyone can get arrested. You can get a top secret clearance with the government after being arrested. Everyone should spend a night in jail for it is a good learning experience. Walmart should be happy to have you.

  11. If you're working for that Stadium job for $5 hours a week. And Walmart says they want you to start on Thursday you're going to start. You don't risk a full-time job for a half a stadium job. You're working for a temp agency that means it's temp from their end and temp from your end.

  12. They don't sound like they're very much in need and they didn't mind blowing you off by not telling you the schedule so they don't seem like a very reliable company so I wouldn't hurt your chances with Walmart over it. Does that after a week is up and they dumped you you won't have anything

  13. I hope you not lose your heart of balance to be peace,most of companies are over staffing ,so they would hire more than they need. They might get deals from government for taxes for over staffing, better having part and find later, another jobs might better small company not much take out your 401k and other benefits which one you not sure to they are going to keep you ,or later change others. You better not telling what company you work on public, and what business you have too.Most of people not wanted having own business, and never know about how hard to making money,and other things you dealing with. YouTube does not making money enough for you,but it can be harmful for your personal informations you put on the public.Now on lot of people work for live news and others,they would get cash award when they are report you,so do not showing your any informations,even sunglasses you put on it is better.

  14. I’m going thru the same situation! I interviewed with Walmart and am currently waiting on background check problem is I have an Assault 3rd misdemeanor from high school and haven’t been able to get a job paying more than 2.13

  15. I would always pick a direct job with a company over a temp agency…..temp agency means you aren't really employed by the employer, so you have no rights if something goes wrong. Direct hire is always the best way.

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