Wanna be a Cop? Drug Testing and Disqualifiers

How does the background check work and what would keep you from getting a job a as a police officer?
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45 thoughts on “Wanna be a Cop? Drug Testing and Disqualifiers”

  1. Devin says:

    Awesome job! I will definitely refer back to this in the future!

  2. victor mirman says:

    Doesn't make sense "study for drug test" also i was a user for weed but i want to change my life around, I haven't smoked in 2 weeks I was a heavy user. But I have no desire ever to touch it again will I qualify? Pls reply. Thank you

  3. ImOof says:

    Im not American but with a green card can I be a cop?

  4. Tyler Brown says:

    What if you’ve been in a fight in high school does that Disqualify you

  5. Ya Boi says:

    Do they test for shrooms/psylocibin

  6. Philip Cyriak says:

    Isn't it a bit unfair to dq someone who smokes up in a state where its legalized?

  7. Kenndy Crutchfield says:

    I'm a truck driver.. I don't smoke.. drink sometimes.. my background clean.. my credit I don't have a score.. I'm 22.. drop out of high School and no tickets.. can I become a cop? Oh I'm also a porn addicted

  8. Brendan Ehlers says:

    I got a DWI, can I still become a police officer with a DWI on my record? My record besides that is spotless. I am so down in the dumps that this happened. I haven't been able to sleep, and I'm constantly in a state of hopelessness because of this. It was the first time I drank in 7 months, and I hardly drink. Having a DWI makes me labeled as a alcoholic. I feel so lost.

  9. Grant Walter says:

    If I have smoked weed once (NOT as a minor) and not recieved a conviction for it, I tell the truth about it, will I have to pay fines or do jail time or will it be overlooked?

  10. Presto Hobo says:

    Hair goes back 6 months to 1 year

  11. drfrenchfry says:

    So I had my run in with the devils lettuce once or twice about 5 years ago as I tried it. I will be honest and say I did it but would this affect my chances and get my DQd?

  12. TheBloodVodka says:

    What mental health issues are permitted. I have been on mood stabilizers, anti depressant and anti anxiety medication in the past when I suffered from PTSD but I have since recovered. Would previous mental health problems hurt me during the process?

  13. Patrol Officer Pena TV says:

    F i need to quit smoking

  14. AbraRf says:

    If i was arrested in the past for a fight and had that expunged? Do i have to dislcaim that?

  15. Kevin Vasser says:

    In school now to gain associates for Chicago PD however I’ve been smoking weed since 2013 heavily. If i stop now and be totally honest about my use will i still be disqualified?

  16. un-Healthy i says:

    what about psychiatric meds?

  17. Ghost_user says:

    Shit I probably wouldn't even be accepted into ISIS…
    "Ahmed, have you seen dis guy? No no, I don't trust him around da bumbs"

  18. Tori Grimm says:

    Do city police really reach out to random people in your life? When in hiring.

  19. Hrew Darkness says:

    So if I've smoked weed before. But quit when I decided to go into law enforcement, do I answer yes still or will just having yes answered disqualify me? I live in a state where smoking weed is almost more common then drinking.

  20. Joel Spitzer says:

    Do I need a diploma to get a police officer ?

  21. Bruce Wayne says:

    All that and some cops are still trash

  22. Mitchell McMullen says:

    What a loser… dude let’s go back to the natives….. they had it right!

  23. Mitchell McMullen says:

    Take care of your own stuff bro,we don’t need cops anymore.

  24. phil1753 says:

    What if u did drugs in college but don’t do them now? Are u still disqualified even tho you don’t do them now?

  25. Sparky Bandz says:

    I know this is late but actually hair samples are accurate for 5 months after that there is no way in telling if you have ever done drugs.

  26. Ryans Life says:

    Can you become a cop with asthma?

  27. mitch m says:

    Lol ! Not today buddy ! They look past some stuff today , I have some friends that got hired and r working now as a police officer , Times r different today, Theres a huge shortage of officers today

  28. Max Lumens says:

    High iq is a disqualifier where I live. It is in a lot of places apperently.

  29. Charles Forstner says:

    Absolute joke of hiring

  30. Sam Young says:

    The standard hair test uses 1.5 inches of hair which only goes back 90 days. Therefore, if your hair is 18 inches long, and you test at the end of the hair strand, drugs could be detected in your hair for the next 3 years.

  31. Ricardo Ibarra says:

    If a person has tried hard drugs in the past let's say 10 years ago. Does that immediately disqualify that person from working in law enforcement?

  32. Bryan Govostes says:

    What about sarms and PEDs

  33. Jansen Via says:

    I just don’t want them to look at my pictures cause I might have nudes of my girlfriend I mean I have nothing to hide she 18 or older but it’s for her and my privacy

  34. Jansen Via says:

    What if the questions what do you answer I don’t know

  35. Yellow Toad says:

    Just to piss someone off it’s funny to eat asparagus and drink beer before taking a piss test.

  36. Carlos Morales says:

    What about someone with an expunged record (absolute pardon) is a complete erasure of criminal record

  37. Alicia Lopez says:

    What about a misdemeanor from a couple years ago of "harassment" That was dropped?

  38. Stonewall's Stonewall says:

    Took me 8 months to find a job after graduation, never done drugs or drank Alcohol. Perhaps I did forget something but I don't think so. Never been in legal trouble but there's fraudulent police reports locally from civil disputes, a rifle of mine was stolen and their excuse was claiming I was arrested as a child for DV….. NEVER EVER HAPPENED or I'd never be where I'm at. So all the background is coming back clean and then the hiring departments are calling local buddies trying to look bullshit reports up that are crazy people lying that I was at odds with…. I'm struggling to find full-time and well-paying…. and I've never been a criminal so I'm confused.
    Never done drugs or alcohol,
    Never been a criminal,
    never been in a fight.
    Not sure what's gone wrong, I'm a very well-mannered and temperate person

  39. didafm says:

    Hi. Im 25 years old from western Canada. I recently got my journeyman electrician ticket. I have been smoking cannabis for the past 5-6 years regularly. It been legal for a while in Canada. I rarely drink alcohol. No criminal record or anything. Do I stand a chance of getting hired as a police officer? I'm 6ft3 and physically fit as well

  40. didafm says:

    Hi. Im 25 years old from western Canada. I recently got my journeyman electrician ticket. I have been smoking cannabis for the past 5-6 years regularly. It been legal for a while in Canada. I rarely drink alcohol. No criminal record or anything. Do I stand a chance of getting hired as a police officer? I'm 6ft3 and physically fit as well

  41. Jazmine Sanchez says:

    I had a person come up to me while working and said she quit doing drugs a few months ago and wanted to be a cop. I asked what kind of drugs did she do, and she said every kind of drug that was out there.

  42. Garzuka says:

    Do they DQ you if you take SARMs

  43. Zachery Oberg says:

    I went through a period of depression and was vulnerable and had peers that introduced drugs to me. nothing was ever habitual but rather once or twice of multiple drugs from Xanax, cocaine, LSD, mushrooms, adderall, and anabolic steroids. All these drugs done only in a period of 6 months in 2018. and weed most recently in February. I only ever smoked weed about 6-8 times in my life. will I be able to get in with the drug questionnaire truthfully along with the polygraph?

  44. cop kid 3.0 says:

    But why don't you just not smoke?

  45. oldschoolbussdrive says:

    What about for prescription drugs? Does it matter because it's legal and if you need it?

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