Want to Become an FBI Agent? Here’s How

It’s one of the most coveted jobs in law enforcement, but how do you become an FBI agent? “The first thing I say in all seriousness is to stay out of trouble,” former agent David Shapiro told InsideEdition.com. “The quickest way to become an FBI agent is to have a specialty, an expertise, a skill that they need,” he said, like knowledge of a specific language. Shapiro said the best strategy may be to develop “your own experience, your own niche, and then apply after that.”


26 thoughts on “Want to Become an FBI Agent? Here’s How”

  1. FBI boss: you wanna be a pervert and watch people in the bathroom
    new fbi agent: yeah i wanna be a pervert
    FBI boss: your hired you can be a legal pervert
    New FBI agent yesss im a pervert now I'm proud of it

  2. I Want to be an FBI agent , so I can serve justice to people , and of course watch/read hentai with noone busting my 1000$ glass door

  3. Randy Sligars wife tried to run me down in a crosswalk. She is a treacherous vindictive munchausenbiproxi FBI bio** that will run you over and then be at the hospital to help put the IV in. The FBI is murdering me by putting a manufactured type of scabies in my food, on my clothing, and in the products I use. My father in heaven knows what you're doing. He sees the wicked and will smite my enemies. Goodbye and good ridens.

  4. Before I got kidnapped I considered it, after I got kidnapped I saw their true faces and would rather die than justify their behavior.

  5. "Our job is not to bring justice to the most wanted; our job is to bring the most wanted, to justice.

  6. im a kid ( A girl ) and idk why but i wanna become a fbi agent or a military in the future,Yes ik i have problems T-T wish me good luck-

  7. The way this is just allowing people to join the FBI if they want to scares me. Mainly for the fact I’ll probably get fired if I am an agent.

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