Was your job offer rescinded? – Covid-19

Although Covid-19 is turning our lives upside down you still have protected rights that can be enforced. Was a job that was recently offered to you rescinded? Depending on your specific situation, your rights may be protected through promissory estoppel law.
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• With the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many New Jersey workers/business owners have questions about their employment, and their rights related to their employment.
• We want to give you information which may be helpful to you.

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2 thoughts on “Was your job offer rescinded? – Covid-19”

  1. Hi, Please read my story and let me know if I can file a complaint:
    I am an international student. I was actively looking for jobs and then found one in February this year. I accepted the offer and applied for graduation and work authorization (OPT). I was earlier thinking to stay for another semester at my university but, after getting the offer, I decided to graduate and start working with the company in July 2020.
    However, on April 1, unfortunately, they rescinded the offer. Now, neither I have an offer, nor I can stay for another semester at the university, as I already applied for graduation and OPT. Is there anything we can do here?

  2. I got an offer but i haven't taken a background check yet. I had a felony expunged 10 year ago and reduced to a misdemeanor. How would i tell my potential employer that i accept the offer contingent upon passing background check without making it suspicious? I don't want the offer rescinded after i give my 2 week notice. Please help!!!!

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