WATCH THIS Before Being A Correctional Officer | + Tips and Advice | MUST WATCH

This of course is my personal experience as a “correctional officer” and everyone’s experience is different. I don’t want to discourage anyone from pursuing this career however; I just want to inform you guys about what really goes on behind the scenes. I hope you all enjoyed this video and please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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28 thoughts on “WATCH THIS Before Being A Correctional Officer | + Tips and Advice | MUST WATCH”

  1. Paulie the ar her says:

    Ask not axe lol

  2. ThatHondaKid22 says:

    My jail starts at $63k a year and after 3 years with the department your rate goes up to $81k soooo…… yeah lol pretty good over here in colorado

  3. Devens Brown says:

    Are you from NY?

  4. Indea Nowden says:

    Its depends on the area how the pay is my state it up to 60 to 81 thousand

  5. Tez Wood says:

    lol 100% tuition reimbursement is all I needed to hear to apply

  6. Pilot Light says:

    I enjoy my job, I have never worked in a jail. I have only ever done prisons.

  7. Berany Gamez says:

    I just got hired but the pay offered was 14 and hour and should I run ? Before I can’t , I know there’s risk involved but will this be worth it

  8. Jeromy James says:

    Which prison you guys worked at…

  9. Sukram says:

    I'm on a hospital run, have been for the past 11 hours. By the end of the day, I'll make 300 dollaz watching YouTube and making sure this inmate doesn't run. Love my job!!

  10. - cashcarti29 says:

    nevermind then i can’t go without my weed

  11. Brendan Richardson says:

    being a corrections officer in the state of virginia fucking sucks and i’m only in training ( i’m quitting to join the army)

  12. Phil says:

    Thanks for the tips, I got a response from a correctional facility yesterday and this definitely helps prep me for what's to come!

  13. Wanya Jackson says:

    smh… I was also a correctional officer here in FLA.. Those prisoners drove me to joining the army…

  14. Slyman X says:

    Did it for a little over a year … Hated It so much I finally quit without finding a new job first or giving a "2 week" notice to the DCS! In my case the "White Shirts" were worse to interact with than the inmates. Couldn't get into the 'paramilitary' system of mngmnt. Couldn't get used to the little "blond haired men & women" leading classes on how to deal with "urban" youths (which is code for black). Constant staff turnover led to mandatory overtime … i.e. 16 hour work days two and sometimes three times per week. Officers brought in contraband to the inmates who were sometimes paid with 'sexual favors' by the inmates girlfriends on the outside. This isn't even the ''tip of the iceberg'' because I could go on. Corrections Officer job is definitely not for everyone.

  15. Jerry Gartrell says:

    Newyork corrections pays pretty good

  16. Yahir Ventura says:

    Would you recommend this to someone that is boutta start college chasing my major in criminal justice?

  17. Ken Mcpherson says:

    Do you get tazed ?

  18. Brittney Brittney says:

    I’m considering being an officer for maybe a year to impact lives. I don’t plan to really make a career out of it. I actually went to a physical test a few years ago but didn’t pass the firearm safety part. I was told to go to a gun range and just reapply whenever.

  19. paige says:

    Yes it’s not enough

  20. Yediyahu Synagogue says:

    I read a cool book called Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love. It was of the chain. I'm praying for you C/O's lol

  21. Lacedra Minor says:

    I've been working for TDCJ working with adult males in Huntsville for 11 months it would have been a year but I am switching to the Texas juvenile center to work with a younger population. I'm doing this up until I get my bachelor's degree and then I'm going to go ahead and get my Master's Degree. I will say that it's a lie it's not an easy job it's not just something you just go to and get a free paycheck you have to work for your money it takes a lot out of you

  22. Thomas Rohan says:

    Not all female officers must find it disgusting, or how do some of them end up in sexual relationships with the inmates

  23. Judha 12 says:

    That's why they suggested that you were to young meaning you haven't experience life yet

  24. Jessicalynn Tanguma TARGETED INDIVIDUAL says:

    because judges don't give these people maximus's and San Antonio they think they can organized crime Lubbock murdered military murdered kids human trafficked women human traffic

  25. Myshan Spears says:

    U is hilarious lol u should get into acting, your gorgeous u look tv screen appropriate. I’m
    Going thru the process now for CO takes a long time u did say that, luckily I’m in Cali so they pay is Gone be dope but hopefully Covid slowed down in there, no dollar amount is worth more than your life and health. So maybe I’ll
    Reconsider lol thanks for sharing.

  26. Bryce Smith says:

    And she drives …..atoyota …. close enough.

  27. The Main Top5 says:

    Wow… it’s a very interesting career. I’m a segregation officer for the mcc in Missouri. Tough minded ppl

  28. Ab says:

    Male correctional officers are usually not even allowed in female units but female correctional officers can frisk and strip search male inmates and view them in showers and using toilet. How is this the equality women say they want? This is an egregious double standard. Why should a male inmate respect and not resent a female officer when his privacy and dignity is not valued and is considered unimportant when he knows that female inmates are not deprived of their dignity and privacy?

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