What Actually Is Interpol? You Could Be Wanted and Not Even Know It

Could YOU have a “Red Notice” on your name with Interpol and not even know it? Interpol has more jurisdiction thank the CIA and FBI, and if you wind up on your list, you could be most wanted and not even know it. In today’s video we’re looking at what a “Red Notice” is and trying to find out what Interpol is all about.

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30 thoughts on “What Actually Is Interpol? You Could Be Wanted and Not Even Know It”

  1. interpol:exist and hunt smarter criminals
    smart criminals:go into the moon or mars because galaxypol isnt exist

  2. That why i ask my husband n my car n my weapons all are millty item full with nuclear weapons in mh car n i driving by myself n can shoot any one n anytime by myself for protect myself .

  3. If Sushant's case doesn't get justice & if CBI also get sold out …then definitely Indian people have to go to the Interpol

  4. I went to there website and the person living in the other side of my duplex was wanted for…

    ima just say a lot of bad stuff

  5. Trump thumbs his nose at you with crimes against wildlife. Criminals do want to be caught. Maybe your org. has criminal tendencies these days.

  6. The most orwellian organization ever made that shouldn't exist. There, now interpol can start stalking me like the police world state apparatus they are.

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