What are Universal Background Checks and Why do They Pose a Problem? | NSSF.org/UBC

What are Universal Background Checks and why do they pose a problem? Learn about the problem with Universal Background Checks for guns at

So-called “universal background checks” on private party firearm transactions not only impose heavy regulatory burdens on federally licensed firearm retailers, but they would also require a national gun registry, which is unlawful, have no effect on criminals, pose a confiscation risk for law-abiding gun owners and open retailers to unprecedented liability exposure.

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19 thoughts on “What are Universal Background Checks and Why do They Pose a Problem? | NSSF.org/UBC”

  1. The entire TRUMP family made AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and was in a very good relations with the entire world and immediately after the IMPOSTER Biden illegally forced his self upon the WHITE HOUSE everything he touched turned into poo poo. Just look at the big mess we have to deal with today. Ovomit is the reason for all this BS.❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

  2. Universal background checks are a backdoor to gun registration which is a prelude to gun confiscation.

  3. Love to see our sporting organizations speak up on behalf of the right to keep and bear arms. Thanks!

  4. 'Bad' guys with guns obtain their guns illegally from 'good' guys with guns (or other 'bad' guys with guns), either via purchase or theft.
    A 'good' guy with a gun can easily turn into a 'bad' guy with a gun. This brings us to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a 'good' guy with a gun.

    The problem is sin.
    Everyone is born into sin, depraved, separated from God and headed for eternal damnation. Satan has deceived mankind into thinking that they are their own gods, hence the self-glorification, pride and defiance.

    The good news is that God's promise has been fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ! The blood shed on the cross IS atonement for ALL of mankind's sin, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. If you repent in your heart for your sinful nature and ask the Lord for forgiveness, He will forgive you. Believe that Jesus Christ died, was buried and is risen, and you will be saved saved. This is the ONLY WAY to be reconciled with God and receive eternal salvation.

    This fallen world is on a fatal collision course. Do not follow the course and patterns of a satanic world.
    No one knows when their hour will come. Don't let time run out on you.

  5. Glad to see that ya'll are putting out an educational PSA video about this. So many people don't realize that we already have background checks for retail sales of firearms, including online. Lots of misinformation and ignorance out there.

  6. So is this saying that because the system is so flawed, it needs to be reformed even more than what is being proposed? Or is it saying it is so flawed it should stay the same because what is the point anyway?

  7. I see a lot on the pro gun side about why proposed solutions are bad, but I’m not seeing much about solutions for gun violence from the pro gun side. Gun violence is a real issue in this country—not because there’s anything wrong with guns, but because guns turn out to be a pretty good option for someone wanting to kill people. The pro gun side should be leading the charge and be very vocal about solutions to significantly curb gun violence in a way that will have a big impact in this country. Denying that there is a problem just means pro gun gets left out of the policy-making, and “solutions” from people who know nothing about guns get passed into law. Pro gun is going to be faced with death by a thousand cuts with ridiculous proposals like assault weapons bans because, instead of coming up with solutions, everyone is waiting till anti gun comes out with something then pro gun just complains. It’s just gonna get worse until people who own guns and want to use them recreationally acknowledge that there is a real problem with the opportunity that guns create for violence and propose solutions that work for people that want to use guns recreationally while addressing the concerns of the general public. You can’t win if you refuse to play ball, and it’s long past time to get in the game.

  8. There has never been a gun law written that has any effect on a criminal. These laws only effect people that follow the law or, non-criminals.

  9. You are missing a large area that's covered here in Australia … mental health. If you have ever felt depressed after loss of loved one/parent and go to counselling that goes on your record as 'diagnosed with depression/psychiatric issues' and a licence is denied. Consequently firearms owners don't seek assistance … and an untreated issue continues.

  10. Remember when hoplophobes said,"All we want is background checks"?
    Updating criminal records to screen those ineligible to get firearms was a good thing but the gun grabbers didn't want to stop there.

  11. A national registry of firearms allows police to be prepared before entering dangerous situations.

    Domestic violence call to a house with a gun. Episode of psychosis in a house with a gun. Traffic stop of someone with a gun. Angry teens posting comments on forums who own guns. @Columbine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9mUpUHk3nE

    Someone sees the anger or mentions threats of violence towards themselves or others; have officers stop by for a welfare check. Confiscate the weapon until the person is stable. There's no need to wait for a murder to take a weapon from the hands of someone who is dangerous to themselves or the public.

    Support law enforcement by advocating for a registry. If someone has no intention of using the gun for crime then there's no need to worry about law enforcement knowing about possession of it. Keep good people with guns from needing to use them. I prefer to shoot at a range or in the woods than at the grocery store.

    The right to bear arms is not a license to kill.

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