What Can Potential Employers Ask Previous Employers?

What Can Potential Employers Ask Previous Employers – CareerMakeoverAcademy.com

What Kinds of Questions Can Employers Ask Previous Employers and How Can You Get Around It?

If you’re wondering what types of questions a potential employer can ask your current employer then you’ll want to watch this tidbit from my live stream at: fb.com/careermakeoveracademy/

The very first thing you should do is check your company policy/corporate policy, because most companies will only verify certain factual things like:
✦ Dates of employment
✦ Salary
✦ Is this person eligible for rehire
✦ Would you hire this person again

Generally, things tend to go well when they stick to supplying this information, because saying anything verging on personal opinion might open them up to litigation.

BUT, instead of candidly telling your potential employer who’s calling up for a reference check something outright negative, they can, instead, be intentionally cryptic.

Saying things like:
✦ “Our attorneys have advised us not to comment on this individual.”
✦ Or when asked “Was this person a good employee?” they reply, “I can’t answer that.”

What if you think your previous employer is giving you a bad reference?

If you’re afraid that the reason you aren’t getting hired is because the company is being intentionally cryptic or is trying to sabotage you there ARE some companies you can hire to help:
✦ allisontaylor.com
✦ Checkyourreference.com

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5 thoughts on “What Can Potential Employers Ask Previous Employers?”

  1. I’ve been working for myself for 2 years now but that was great insight on the types of “cryptic feedback” a previous employer may give which can hurt your chances of getting a new job.

  2. What questions can a potential new employer ask my old employer?

    For Ex, if i put that i program in python at my current job. Can the new potential employer ask my current employer about that or other skills i put on my resume?

  3. What about a Indian reservation casino I am going into, can they ask a california state casino anything ? Since Indian reservations have their own land ?

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