What Do Gun Background Checks Actually Check?

John Lauritsen reports on how gun background checks work and what they won’t catch (2:16). WCCO 4 News At 10 – Feb. 19, 2018


16 thoughts on “What Do Gun Background Checks Actually Check?”

  1. In Missouri gunpowder and primers don't have any age limit is that some weird state law in Minnesota that you have to be 21?

  2. “No laws stopped an accused killer from buying a semi-automatic rifle.”

    Ok and no laws stop drug dealers or people that use illegal drugs such as meth. Even if we do ban guns, that doesn’t mean people still can’t acquire one. Drugs such as meth or cocaine are illegal and people still get it. When people say that we need to ban guns because it could end up in the wrong hands, then we should ban knives, forks, spoons, automobiles, etc. All those could end up in the wrong hand to kill. Automobiles can literally kill hundreds of people in minutes and it’s not even part of our constitutional rights. Of course I am not saying ban cars and stuff I’m and just showing that just like guns, automobiles and really anything that could be used to do bodily harm can end up in the wrong hand. In fact, in the exact shooting, a NRA member know as Stephen Willeoford stopped this shooting using an AR-15. If this guy did not have a gun, the shooter could of ended more lives. Now tell me why the news didn’t interview or even mention Stephen stopping he shooter with a gun? Don’t listen to the news, all they do is tell you lies and only bad parts of a story. Most mass shooting, not a single person died. And according to the CDC, more than 50,000-3,000,000 gun owners a year use their guns for defensive reasons and to prevent crimes. Most gun owners use guns for defensive reasons not to do harm. Instead of listening to everything the news says, why don’t you do your own research instead using the news as research. I could go on about how people that know NOTHING about guns get wrong about guns such as automatic weapons are ILLEGAL BECAUSE IT IS A FEDERAL LAW AND HAS BEEN FOR YEARS because people think that AR-15s are automatic. Also guns related crimes in the United States have been dropping at a consistent rate over the last decade. If you would like to see where I got my information, ask and I will gladly give you a link. Keep in mind, I do NOT support crimes such as shootings and stuff. They are horrible things that happen in this world but you can not blame a gun you have to blame the person and for someone to kill hundreds of people in minutes, doesn’t necessarily need to be a gun.

  3. That last statement was incredibly deceiving. By “I” he means private owner not the gun store. Have some damn morals.

  4. If I had a couple domestic violence arrests when I was 18 and 19 but never got convicted (charges were dropped) could that bite me in the ass if I got approved and own a gun now.? I’m 30 now

  5. Safety gun is for self defense that why I got mine from mrmasterglock on wickr it not that I'm a gangster, just for Protesion I really appreciate there store.

  6. Thanks for being real @arxxenal on telegram , I got the uzi with the mag from happy and thrill got my straps

  7. What about expanded background checks?

    Can you buy a gun with a sealed or expunged record?

    And can you also say no?

  8. That damn son of a b** gun store worker don't need to tell that liberal reporter that he can sell his favorite bird gun to him on a hunt no questions asked the liberals just love to hear s*** like that he's a traitor to the conservative gun movement

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